Is It Still You? – Chapter 2

October 28, 2010 at 10:57 am (Is it still you?)

“Wow you’re big time now.”

GaIn whispered to Kwon as they entered the expensive coffee shop.  They decided to have something to eat first after leaving the airport.  He moved the chair for her and he sat on the opposite side.  The waiter went to their table, ready to take their orders.

“She really liked Blueberry Streusel Muffin…”

“You two are coffee addicts… you’ll get along.  She always orders Caffe Latte…”

“One Caffe Latte, one Blueberry Streusel Muffin…”

GaIn stared at Kwon.  She was touched that until now, he never forgot her favorite muffin and coffee.  He always indulge her coffee addiction even if he never liked coffee ever since.  To return the favor, she ordered for Kwon’s favorite drink.

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Switched! – Chapter 13

October 27, 2010 at 3:40 pm (Switched!)


Kwon answered the phone lazily.  It had been a week now that he wasn’t feeling well.  He unusually had a hard time waking up in the morning which was strange because he was used to waking up any time of the day because of his work.

“Yeobo? Gwenchanha? Are you sick?”

GaIn asked worriedly.  This past week, she noticed that he looked pale when appearing on TV shows.  She thought it was because of the hectic schedule and pressure with promotions he had for GaIn’s new album.

“No, I’m okay.  I just feel a bit lightheaded.”

“Oh, we’re on our way back to the dorm.  Do you want me to come over?”

As much as he would like to say yes, he can’t.  If GaIn would come, then they would switch and she will be the one who is sick.  “No, I’m okay.  I have to leave the house today, too.  Don’t worry.”

“Take care of yourself.  Don’t force yourself too much.  Call me okay?” GaIn said.

Kwon could hear the cheers from the other 2AM boys from the other line.  He smiled.  “Hung up now or they will continue to tease you up to the dorm.”

“Who says I can’t catch up with their teasing? I know a lot, too.  Right, SeulOng hyung?” she said looking at SeulOng. “Araso, I have to hang up.  Don’t forget to call me, alright? Saranghae”


GaIn ended the call.  She smiled looking at her phone.  SeulOng broke his thoughts.

“Yah, Kwon-ah.  Why do you always initiate the phone call?  You should sometimes make GaIn call you first.”

GaIn just smiled at him. ‘If you only knew SeulOng-ah’

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 1

October 26, 2010 at 9:33 pm (Is it still you?)

GaIn nervously tapped the floor.  She was at the airport, waiting for Kwon’s return from Seattle.  It only had been a year but she missed him so much.

His reason for going abroad was to help in their family’s business.  Of what, she doesn’t know.  She was concerned since every time they have video calls, it seems like he looks more and more exhausted.  Eventually video calls turned to just phone calls and sadly it became only emails.

She gripped the pendant tightly.  It was a gift from him before he left for the States.  He left with a promise that he will come back as a better man.  She smiled as the airport held many memories of them.  It was in the airport when she first met him.  It was two years ago.

“Omo, I will be late for my flight” She said pushing her cart, almost running.  Her cart went uncontrollable and she was about to hit a man.  She tried to warn him but it seems like he was looking for someone.

“Ow! You—” the man said.  His coffee spilled on his suit.  He was about to lash some words at the person who bumped him but was speechless when he saw her.  She looked so cute when she nervously said sorry, he already forgot the stain on his suit.

“Mianhe, mianhe, jeongmal mianhe.” GaIn continued to say.  She nervously looked at him and was mesmerized by his sunshine smile.  She tried hard to contain her blush.

“It’s alright, Miss.” That was all he said while smiling and left, still looking for someone and looking at his watch.

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Switched! – Chapter 12

October 26, 2010 at 1:40 pm (Switched!)

“Yeobo, Jea noona said she would be moving house soon”

Kwon and GaIn were having their usual conversation on what happened with each other’s day.  It was hard for them at first to change their usual schedules.  Kwon now had to prepare for GaIn’s solo album, while GaIn had to fly with other JYP family for 2PM’s concerts.

“Oh, jinja? It’s good thing we switched.  I can only imagine how tired I will be lifting those boxes.” Though GaIn wants to support Jea on her moving, she doesn’t like physical activities.  She remembered when 2AM boys invited her to go to the gym.  The boys thought she was joking when she couldn’t lift the weights Kwon usually lifts easily.

“Chet, you have to move my body or the muscles will start to sag, yeobo.” He was worried about his body, knowing GaIn who doesn’t like physical activities.

“Yah! If you only knew how tired I was when I went with them at the gym and I had to make a lot of excuses just not to shower with them.  Jinja, yeobo— oh? WooYoung-ah, Channie! You came!” GaIn’s words were cut when WooYoung and ChanSung arrived.

“Mwo? Yeobo, why didn’t you tell me they will come? Are you alone with them?” Kwon can’t help but worry and feel jealous.

“Don’t worry, yeobo.  JinWoonie will come home later.  It’s maknae time! Keke.  I’ll call later.  I have to prepare food for them” and she hung up the phone.

“Is that GaIn noona?” WooYoung asked.

“Oh, hyung. Why don’t you invite her to come over? She cooks delicious food.” ChanSung said.  He tried GaIn’s cooking when he once ate left over food from the fridge.

“You don’t need her here.  I cook better” She smiled.  Since she was inside Kwon’s body, more Oneday boys started to come over and eat there.  But instead of complementing Kwon, they complement GaIn on successfully teaching Kwon how to cook.  She just laughs at them since they did not know it was her inside his body.

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Switched! – Chapter 11

October 25, 2010 at 10:54 am (Switched!)

“Did you give her the keys?”

“Yah Kwonnie, you’re all grown up now.  I’m so glad I raised a fine boy.”

“Hyung, will you stop it.  It’s embarrassing”

“Wae? You’re gonna deny you’re relationship? ‘Remind me to make it up to you’ What was that huh?”


“SeulOng stop teasing Kwon.  Seriously, Kwon-ah, are you two dating?”

GaIn can clearly hear the conversation inside Kwon’s room as she can’t move further or they will switch again.  She was sitting on the sofa with JinWoon.  Her face blushed with the conversation.  She looked at maknae to see that he was looking everywhere except her.  His face was red.

“S-so I guess you’re really my noona now…” JinWoon shyly smiled, facing her but not looking at her eyes.

GaIn can’t contain her giggle “Aigoo, kyopta” She pinched JinWoon’s cheeks “Is it okay? Don’t worry, noona will feed you more.”

JinWoon smiled.

“Yah, Son GaIn” Kwon said when he saw GaIn pinching maknae’s cheeks.

“Yah, don’t call me ‘yah’” She glared at him but then she suddenly smiled when she saw the ahjibaems follow Kwon.

Kwon just walked towards the door without a word.  GaIn followed and bowed to 2AM boys before leaving. “Yah, Im SeulOng, don’t eat maknae’s share of food. Don’t order him around too much. I’m watching you.”

SeulOng gulped at her warning, staring on the spot she previously stood.  On the other hand, JinWoon was smiling.

“You heard that, hyung? Noona’s watching you… kekeke” JinWoon chuckled, happy that he found new and powerful ally.

“Aish, you” SeulOng said aiming to hit him but changed his mind as he remembered GaIn’s warning.

JinWoon noticed that GaIn’s warning worked on SeulOng ‘Haha, it’s maknae time!’

He tried to use this new found power. “Hyung, I’m hungry.  What can we e—ah! Hyung…”

JinWoon stopped as ChangMin hit his head

“Yah, JinWoonie, hurry and make food.  GaIn might have warned SeulOng but not me.  Ppalli, I’m hungry”

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Is It Still You? – Prologue

October 25, 2010 at 1:16 am (Is it still you?)

Nothing was changed

It was the same you

Whom I fell in love with years ago

and still loving up to now

Your face, your scent

The way you stand, the way you walk

Your smile was still like the first time we met

Same as before, those eyes still disappear when you laugh

But there’s something in the way you talk,

The way you carry yourself.

It’s like a being with a different you

Sometimes I wonder

Is it possible

For a woman to fell for the man




There goes, my teaser for the next fic

Hope you like it, and I would like to see your guess on the plot of the new story based on this prologue


Please love this fic as you loved my other fics. Thanks!

PS: I’ll be posting the next chapter for Switched! later. Thanks!

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

October 24, 2010 at 2:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, seems like yesterday but my blog is already one month old!

Thank you guys for always following and supporting my blog!

Jeongmal Saranghae! Komawo!


Now, I said before that I have announcement on this blog’s monthsary.


Let’s start with the SAD (I don’t want to use good/bad)

Well, my second fic ‘Switched!’ is nearing its end. Don’t worry, it’s not yet ending on the next chapter…

And it’s no ordinary ending… hehehe…

Please look forward to it.

Ugh, I don’t think that’s a sad news…


Anyway off with the HAPPY

The happy news is… I’m going to post another fic.

Hehe… I’m sorry, my mind just creates lot’s of different stories.

and unlike my previous fics just centering our couple, this new one will have rivals.

But I don’t know who to use.  So can you please help this little pixie decide?

I want to ask you who would you like to be their rival, both MALE and FEMALE and why…

I would like to hear your opinion and suggestions.




I will post chapter 11 of Switched! after I coming from the hospital.  I have to visit my beloved cousin first.

You will understand me, right? If not for that cousin of mine, I wouldn’t be able to update my fics.

and please include my cousin in your prayers.  Dengue doesn’t have a cure.  We can only wish my cousin’s body’s immune system can fight the virus.


Okay, then! I have to go.  Bye and be back later!



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Switched! – Chapter 10

October 23, 2010 at 5:36 pm (Switched!)

“Come on, we talked about this, right?”

Kwon said as GaIn tugged his arm.  They were near BEG’s dorm and Kwon was about to go enter the building.  He looked at her and held her face.

“We can’t be always together, people might find out about us.” Kwon said.  They were in the bench discussing how to deal with this mess.

“What do you plan to do?” GaIn asked.  To them, this situation is really different than before.

“Just for tonight, go to my mom’s house first.  Then I’ll go to your dorm and pretend to be you.”

“Why can’t we go to your mom’s house together?”

“We can’t always disappear at the same time.  You know those boys and noonas always talk with each other.”

“…” GaIn fell silent.  She knew Kwon had a point.  She sighed and nodded.

“I know…” GaIn said, nodding, still holding Kwon’s arm.  He was to walk again when she tugged him again.


GaIn’s ears suddenly became red.  She shyly voiced out her concern “It will only be you and Jea unnie there.”

Kwon blinked a few times before he realized what she meant.  Slowly, a smile formed his face. “Yah, you’re jealous?”

She just looked down, avoiding his eyes.  Her feet tapped the floor like a little child, biting her lip.

“Aigoo, kyopta” Kwon said and hugged her.  “Don’t worry. I only have my eyes for you.”

GaIn looked at him on what he said.  She hugged him back. “Araso, I’ll be going then.”

It was Kwon’s turn to tug GaIn as she was about to leave. “Be sure to go to my mom’s house. Araso? Don’t you dare go to my dorm.” He warned.

She smiled. “Araso…” with that, she continued her way to omoni’s house.

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Switched! – Chapter 9

October 22, 2010 at 8:34 pm (Switched!)

“Looks like you’ve never learned your lesson”

Madame Mystique said, towering the couple.  Unlike her initial fortune teller get up she wears more casual.  Gone were the turban and the gem on her forehead.  What’s only trace left of her being a spell caster is her bracelet of coins.  The coins same as what Kwon and GaIn used to wish.

“I have been observing you, but it seems you even used my spell for your own whims.” Every movement of her hands, the coins jingle.

“Yah! Who told you to spell us?  What do you want us to do? Cry over the problem? Why not make use of the situation instead?” Kwon retaliated.  For him, who was Madame Mystique to suddenly cast a spell on them and now interrupt their lovey-dovey moment.

“Merong” GaIn added as Madame Mystique looked stunned at Kwon’s reply.

“Pabo, that was to teach you a lesson, the lesson until now you haven’t learned!” Madame Mystique said in a big voice. The two held hands staring at the lady, terrified.

“What lesson are you talking about?!”

“That’s for you to find out!” Madame’s voice grew bigger.

The two were shocked.

“Why did you rudely answer her?” GaIn hissed in Kwon’s ear.

“Why did you tease her?” He answered, also hissing.

“And so I shall put more spell on you both.  Since you two like to be with each other, I will put that to use.” she stood up and raised her hands

The couple cringed and closed their eyes.  Afraid of what the fortune-teller-turned-witch would do.

“Mianhe, mianhe, mianhe” They both quickly said, still closing their eyes and holding each other’s hand.

They waited for a sound or something to happen.  Instead they heard the jingling sound of Madam Mystique’s coins fading away.

Kwon took a peek and he saw they were alone again.  He looked around but only the fading jingle could be heard.

The two looked at each other, dumbfounded.  They heard Madame Mystique’s voice like a whisper in their ear.  “By the way, if I were you, I’ll avoid the kiss or it’ll be permanent”

And there was silence.

“What was that? That was it? No thunder and lightning? No sound effects? No strong winds?” GaIn asked, still did not understand what the lady said.

“Aish, pabo!” Kwon said, hitting his forhead.


“We forgot to ask for another coin!  Now how can we reverse the spell?”

“Argh, jinja.  Forget her.  Who witch would cast a spell without effects?  She’s a lame one, I tell you.  Come on, let’s just finish this kimbap.” And GaIn fed him another kimbap.

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Switched! – Chapter 8

October 21, 2010 at 3:45 pm (Switched!)

The sunlight that passes through the window, hitting his eyes, woke Kwon up.  His hands automatically searched for her but she wasn’t there.  He got up and walked towards the bathroom, she wasn’t there either.  He decided to wash up and go down as he felt hungry.

From up the stairs he can smell the delicious aroma of cinnamon and vanilla.  He suddenly became hungrier, he hurried down.  There he saw GaIn preparing the table, her back facing him.  Kwon suddenly felt warm inside at her appearance, wearing an apron.  The kitchen looked like hers.

He quietly approached her and hugged her from behind.

“You smell of vanilla and cinnamon I can eat you.” He whispered in her ear.

“Yah, your mom is just at the back.” She said but she held his arms and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Good morning, yeobo” he said, not minding her.  Kwon hugged her tighter.

“Yah, Kwonnie-ah.  Omma’s jealous.  Aigoo, I wish your appa is still here.” Her mom from the backyard said.

“Omoni” GaIn quickly said and released from his embrace.

Kwon raised an eyebrow at the way she called his mom. He teasingly smiled. “Omoni?”

“Why not? She’s too adorable.  It’s like she’s the daughter I don’t have” his mom answered him.  GaIn took the freshly picked flowers from omoni and placed it in a vase on the center of the table.

“Adorable?” Kwon said pretending to be surprised. “Adorable would be the last thing to describe Son GaIn”

“Yah Jo Kwon.” GaIn glared at him.

Omoni just laughed.  “Aigoo, you kids.  Come on let’s eat.  Pancakes are best when it’s hot.”

They shared fun breakfast together.  Omoni can’t help but smile at the sweetness of the two.  She doesn’t know why but last night when they came, she was sure the two were not really dating.  She remembered the shocked look GaIn had when she was introduced as his son’s girlfriend.  However, she welcomed GaIn.  She knew GaIn must be somebody for Kwon to introduce to her.

Looking at them now, Kwon pouring honey to GaIn’s pancake and GaIn serving Kwon newly made pancakes, she knew they are for real now.  And she was happy for his son.  The couple reminded her of her happy days when her husband was still alive.

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