Braces – Prologue

November 30, 2010 at 11:30 pm (Braces)



“Am I pretty?”

“You’re beautiful…”

“Then who’s more beautiful? Me or Min?”





“Fine… Of course no one can compare with you.”

“Then… oppa…”


“Kiss me”


“Kiss me, the way you… ani… more than the way you kiss Min”

“Son Ga In?!”

“Aigoo, I heard you, you don’t have to shout.  Ppalli, kiss me”

“Will you stop it?! I don’t kiss girls with braces.”



hiyah there!

I’ve still got some energy left so I decided to post this prologue/teaser for another fic.

I was inspired to make this fic by my braces… haha… lame I know…

I thought why not transform this painful experience(braces) to something fun and romantic… hope you’ll like it.

This is only a part of the fic… like in Switched it’s not the beginning and of course not the end… hehe…

hugs and love for you fellow adam fans!


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Help me Lord…

November 30, 2010 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m on the brink off snapping…

too much pressure, so many deadlines…

got only a total of 8 hours of sleep for the last four days…

my body starts to feel the assault it receives since last semester…

I was so hyped to post an update and share my joy with other Adam couple lovers…

I’m so glad to see updates from my beloved co-writers… me too, soon…

After all these are done, I’m gonna take a sleep and finally post my long awaiting update and a new fic

Lord give me strength…

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November 25, 2010 at 7:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry if I’m not able to update recently.

I know it’s been hard on adam fans with the dissappointing episode last Saturday and now the cancellation(?) on this week.

I’ll try to finish my presentation and paper as soon as possible and maybe I could post an update tonight.

I’m not sure about you guys, but it really is hard to have a schedule like mine.  Especially, I am studying and working at the same time.  Add to that the fact that I am now at the last stage of my studies.  Meaning THESIS…

So sorry for this rant but I assure you guys that I am not abandoning my fics.  I really just hope that you guys understand.  Please bear with me one more time.


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Is It Still You? – Chapter 5

November 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm (Is it still you?)


“Push harder”

“Are you alright? Isn’t it painful?” Kwon wiped the sweat in her forehead.

“I’m okay, don’t mind me.” She said as she smiled at him reassuringly.  Together they continued their deed.

“Done!” GaIn clapped her hand as they succeeded in pushing the big sofa to its desired position.

“Agh, I’m so exhausted!” Kwon slumped on the sofa, catching his breath.  His muscles can be traced with his wet shirt.

“Yah! Don’t lean on the sofa in that sweaty shirt! Sit straight. I’ll make you some coffee.” She walked towards the counter and prepared the things needed to make a coffee.

Kwon sat straight and looked at her busy self.  They finally finished fixing the shop.  Helpers were not hired as GaIn reasoned that there’s not much to change and it would lessen the expenses.  He smiled at her practicality.

“By the way, when can I meet the past owner of this shop? I want to personally thank him for giving me this shop and everything inside it at a very low price.”

“Lady, that’s how you properly make a coffee.” Kwon said behind her.  He held her hand and guided it.

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Switched! – Chapter 16

November 13, 2010 at 8:20 pm (Switched!)

“Mianhe… Jeongmal, Mianhe…”

Kwon gave a deep bow to the press and to his fans in front of him.  Today was his press conference.  He confirmed his rumored marriage with GaIn.

“Please don’t turn your back on me, most specially on GaIn who needs your support now more than ever.” Again he gave a deep bow.  The flashes keep coming.

GaIn, hiding behind the makeshift wall of the press conference was biting her fingers.  Kwon made sure she stays with him but hidden.  She knew how Kwon felt right at that moment as she too was very nervous.  Since the start of the conference she was praying hard that all will go well as what JYP planned.

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Please bear with me…

November 11, 2010 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m sorry if I haven’t been updating regularly… I was sick and now my mouth is really painful because of the braces…


I’m really really sorry.  I’ll update maybe tomorrow and on Saturday and I promise to give you double dose… hehe

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 4

November 7, 2010 at 7:33 pm (Is it still you?)


“No, I don’t think this is it” GaIn sadly said.  They have been looking for a good store location and this was the last on her list.

Kwon looked at her.  She looked sad and defeated.  He tapped her eye shades that she used as headband and it fell on the tip of her nose.


“Merong” he sticks out his tongue. “Come on.  Frowning is not a good start for business.  I know one last place.  Actually, my friend owns it but he had no time to manage the shop so I think he wants to sell it. Want to see it?”

GaIn looked at him.  Still a little bit down, she nodded.  They went to Kwon’s car and he opened the door for her.  She smiled at his gesture.  Though she missed his old mean and teasing self she liked how he was a gentleman now.

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Switched! – Chapter 15

November 6, 2010 at 8:22 am (Switched!)


Kwon and GaIn were cheek to cheek while waiting for the result.  They bought pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy.  GaIn can’t forget the confused look the pharmacist had when she, inside Kwon’s body, bought the kit.


Both of them were speechless.  Though the child’s legitimacy is secured, they still worry.  If they had a hard time marrying secretly, having a baby is more difficult to hide.

GaIn shook the plastic rapidly.  Kwon held her hands “Wae?”

“I’m trying to see if the result would change”

“Wae?! You don’t want that child? My child? OUR child?”

“Ani… I… It’s just… I don’t know.  Eottoke?”

Kwon held her hands tight.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll get through this.” And he hugged her.

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 3

November 5, 2010 at 1:58 pm (Is it still you?)

Kwon looked at his watch and sighed.  He had been standing there for an hour, waiting.  Resting his elbows on the balustrade, he looked down at the people below wandering around the park.

“Guess who?” suddenly Kwon’s vision was blocked.  Due to reflex, he quickly took the hand and turned around.  What greeted him was a very beautiful GaIn smiling at him.  All he can do was to stare mesmerized at her.

“She’s always late but she never fails to make up for it.”

GaIn immediately took her hand the moment he touched hers.  She was overwhelmed by the electricity his hands gave her.  The feeling was new as every time they held hands before there was warmth in his hands.  The warmth is still there but the tingling sensation was powerful it made her feel like a teenager on her first crush again.

“S-sorry I startled you.” It was all she could say.

Recovering from the trance, Kwon smiled. He jokingly corrected her “More like sorry to keep me waiting”

GaIn beamed at him then she looked at his clothes.  “You should have told me to wear something more formal.  Compare our clothes.  You look dignified while I look like going to the grocery store.”

Kwon was wearing tailored suit while GaIn was wearing her usual getup, hoodie, shorts and boots. “No, you look very beautiful to me.” He assured her and to his own surprise it was filled with sincerity.

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Switched! – Chapter 14

November 3, 2010 at 1:10 pm (Switched!)


Kwon wiped the sweat on his forehead.  He finished decorating the room.  The next thing to do was to shower and call GaIn.

Taking a bath inside GaIn’s body became normal for him.  He turned on the shower.  The cold water helps him remove the dizziness he felt.  He could have just drunk a medicine but being a very patient and enduring person after training for 8 years, he continued decorating.

After showering, he wore an elegant dress he bought for her without her knowing.  He texted GaIn afterwards.

“Yeobo, come to this address and wear something formal”

And he sent it together with the address.  He waited for her and was startled when the doorbell rang.  He walked towards the door but before he went closer he dialed her number.

“Yeobo, when we switch, don’t open your eyes until I say so.  Araso?”

“What is it this time? You made me really curious”

“Just follow me okay? You’ll soon find out.”

Kwon shut his eye and walked towards the door.  He suddenly saw himself staring at the door, outside.  Confirmed that they already switch back, he talked to her on the phone.

“Keep your eyes closed and turn around.  Don’t peek okay.  Don’t you try spoil the fun.”

“Neh” Excitement very much evident in her voice.

“At the count of three open your eyes… one… two… three…”

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