Braces – Chapter 12

February 28, 2011 at 3:24 pm (Braces)

“You really are a bad actress”

Kwon said as he stood up, uncaring if he walks around the room naked.  He went to the bathroom.  After a few moments he went back to the room to find her still pretending to sleep.

“GaIn-ah, I know you’re awake.”

GaIn did not respond.  She just continued pretending asleep.  She doesn’t know what to say to him after their intimate night.  Suddenly she felt the comforter pulled away.  But still she shut her eyes.  However she was not able to continue her act when Kwon carried her to his shoulder.

“Yah! Oppa! Put me down!”

He did but they were already inside the bathroom.  Kwon get in to the tub. “Bathe me…” he said like a little boy.


“Bathe me… you see, I can’t wash myself with this wound” and he used his mouth to point his injury.

“Chet.  Whose fault is it?”


“Mine? I did not hit you.”

“I got this from looking for you.”

“Who told you to look for me?”

“Aish.  This is getting us nowhere.” He said as he pulled her down.  “Ppalli”

“Aish” GaIn took the sponge and started with Kwon’s neck down his shoulder and arm.  Then she gently wiped his other shoulder careful not to hit his wound before she went to his chest.

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Braces – Chapter 11

February 27, 2011 at 4:12 am (Braces)

“Yeobo?” Kwon checked GaIn. He was glad he only found scratches.  ‘This is all my fault’ he thought. ‘If I haven’t messed with her car, then she won’t be like this.’

“Oppa…” she said through trembling lips.

Without a word, Kwon removed his coat and wrapped it on her, then he carried her on his back.  Once again, GaIn felt the comfort his warm back gives.  Resting her head on his they continued the way back to his car.

“Sorry for the trouble this incident caused you but I have to take my wife home first.  Thank you for your help.” Was what Kwon said to the two policemen before he drove back to their house.

The entire ride and even when Kwon carried GaIn to their room, he was quiet.  GaIn just steal glances from time to time, afraid that he was really mad.  Kwon gently placed her to the bed then went to the bathroom.  He prepared the bath and when he was sure the water is warm enough, he went back to her and carried her silently towards the tub.  Kwon then sat GaIn on the counter and started removing her clothes.

GaIn who understood what he was planning to do stopped him.  She slapped his hands away which only earned a glare from him.  Kwon did not try undress her again but just scooped her and readied to dip her to the bath with her clothes on.  GaIn quickly grabbed his neck tightly and wiggled her legs.

“Okay! Okay! I can wash myself.” She said.  With that Kwon wordlessly put her down and left.

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 15

February 17, 2011 at 5:19 pm (Is it still you?)

“This tastes good” she said as she sipped the coffee he made, swaying her dangling feet.  They were once again in the coffee shop.  She sat on the countertop, enjoying the coffee he made.

“I told you I could make millions with my coffee.” He smirked.  Putting down his cup, he propped his hands on her sides. “I love you” he said as he leaned in for a kiss. But GaIn stopped him by holding his face.

“Are you really sure about me?” She asked as she played with his face, squeezing it, making his lips pucker. “Do you really want me and not anybody else?”

He squeezed her face in return. “100% sure.  Everyone knows it.” He said in muffled voice.

Hearing his answer, she pulled him in and kissed him.  “Did I save a nation in my past life to have you?” She said giggling in between the kiss.

“Maybe you we’re Deok Man” he answered grinning, never letting go of her lips.

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Braces – Chapter 10

February 16, 2011 at 6:41 pm (Braces)

“Maybe it’s time to ask for auntie’s help.”

Wiping her tears, GaIn decided that Kwon’s mom could put some sense in her son’s thick skull.  Maybe then he would sign the papers.  Maybe then she would be free.

“Do you really want to be free of him? Do you really want to set him free?”

GaIn shooed the tiny voice trying to dissuade her.  She had done so many mistakes in the past.  It’s now time to grow up and admit that she can’t have everything she wanted.

She stood up and searched for his keys inside the drawers.  Surely Kwon wouldn’t harm his precious cars, will he?  Carrying a key with her, she pressed the unlock button to see which car it belongs to.  Alas, it was the most expensive one.

“I’ll promise to take you back.” She said looking at her own car.  She gave a last look on his room and found him sitting on the rail.  His back facing her.

She remembered the days when she used to backride his motor and rest her head on his back that she oh so loved.  Feeling her resolve crumbling, she peeled her eyes off him and started the engine.

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February 14, 2011 at 12:25 am (Uncategorized)


After my more than two decades of existence, I discovered what OTP means… hahaha

I feel like an idiot… 😛 The feeling was like when I first knew of LOL and RFLOL… hahaha…

sorry for the randomness…

but on the side note…

This blog will be down for about… a day? or two days max.

but it’s not yet today.  I will after gathering all my needed resources and upgrade my site…


if there are kind hearts who can make BANNERs for me or icons of our lovely Adam couple, I will gladly accept it with open arms… (It’s free right? :P)


I just realized I’ve been laughing a lot in this post. Sorry. I’ll just sleep this one off. hehe…


see you maybe tomorrow! I’ll try to post an update! Mwah!

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Braces – Chapter 9

February 12, 2011 at 2:56 pm (Braces)

GaIn quickly ran upstairs and closed the door.  Feeling her knees lose its strength, she sat on the floor resting her back on the door, sobbing.  Things like this make her think tens of thousands of times why she came back to Korea.  When her mother died, she followed her mother’s will and continued studying in America.  Kwon’s mom never failed to check up on her and stood as her second mom guiding her.

It was also through his mom that GaIn receives updates about Kwon.  When she went to America, she lost her contact with Kwon.  He became busy pursuing his career as a racer.  She remembered how happy she was when she heard from his mom that he was accepted as an apprentice of a famous racer.  Though he was a swimming varsity during college, she knew her oppa always loved the speed motors give him.  His small steps in achieving his dreams made her work hard for her own future.  She studied fashion diligently.

Her promise to him to come back as a beautiful and successful woman worthy of him was her driving force.  Finally, she went back to Korea after graduation and watched his first official race.  Together with his mom, they were praying for his win and his safety.  And when the checkered flag waved and declared Kwon champion, the fans’ cheer were no match with her scream.

They prepared a victory party in his house but she was not prepared of the visitor Kwon took with him.  It was Min.  And to make things worse, that night, Min declared their engagement.  That night, what GaIn did changed the course of their lives.

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Oh Noes!

February 6, 2011 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized)


As I was about to start my update on Braces I can’t seem to find my file!!!

WAAAAAHHHHH!!! Don’t tell me I accidentally deleted it when I formatted my PC?!?!?!

Oh noes!!!! I thought I backed up everything!

I’ll be back… I’ll try to check my flash disk and see if I have backup…



As I have checked… I don’t have backup!!! what the!?!?! argh!

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 14

February 6, 2011 at 3:39 pm (Is it still you?)

“Wah…” GaIn was amazed like a child upon seeing fireworks for the first time.  She looked down on the street where everyone was so small.  Like ants they file and walk their paths going to different directions.

They were in his office.  Kwon just stood there gazing lovingly at her who was leaning on the glass wall.  He walked towards her and leaned his head on the glass.

“The site is more beautiful at night.  The city lights looked like sprinkled gold dust.”

GaIn smiled at him and looked around.  The office was organized.  It looked professional yet comfortable.  The lone picture frame on his desk intrigued her.  Slowly, she walked towards it and took it.  It was the picture of the twins.

Probably taken during their early college days, both were smiling.  One had this mannered smile while the other was smiling with all his heart.  Though the boys looked the same, the difference is noticeable just by looking at their photo.  She gently slid her fingers just between the two faces in the picture.  Glancing at him who was busy preparing coffee, GaIn can’t help but wonder why she did not notice the difference.

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