Always a Woman- Teaser

April 30, 2011 at 1:03 am (Always a Woman)

“So are you up to it?”

“Who is in his right mind to deal with you?” He flatly said as he wiped his face with the towel draped around his neck.

“Hmm… well, there are a lot of guys who would give everything just to have your place.” She said, slightly tilting her head to the side. She was playing with the ball in her hands.  Tossing it in the air.

“If you want to play then ask other team members.  I won’t be included in your ‘play toys’” He zipped his duffel bag close.   Ready to leave he slung the bag to his shoulder, uncaring if the other team members are looking at them.

“Oh hoho… We’ll only find out after the match” She gave him challenging smile.

“This is nonsense.” And he walked towards the locker room exit but suddenly stopped at her words.

“Or is it that you’re afraid you, the top student in this University and the captain of the team, will lose in a game of ball to a hot gorgeous envied-by-woman-loved-by-man me?” she said in his ear.  Emphasizing her self glorification.

Quickly he turned around, looked at her from head to toe then back to her face. “You know, even basketball requires brains.  So don’t think you can win.”

“So you accept my challenge? You’ll play against me?” she tried to hide her excitement and also ignore the subtle mock he gave about her brains.

“But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Oh no, I should be warning YOU. If I win, you’d be mine.  If I lose, I’ll stop pestering you.  Oh but don’t keep your hopes up.  I’m sure to win.”

“Yeah, right.”

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 20

April 18, 2011 at 10:41 pm (Is it still you?)




They have just finished putting on the bed sheet.  GaIn clapped her hand, feeling proud of her accomplishment.  She looked smugly at a disgruntled Kwon.  His look of displeasure made her tease him more.

“What do you think, yeobo?  It’s perfect, right?” She nudged his side.  GaIn was sure that Kwon did not like the bed sheet.  Why?  They looked like they were inside Hello Kitty ville.  Everything was princessy: frilly, lacey, and pink-y.

“ahm…” Kwon, the ever gentleman, tried to find words to show disagreement without hurting her feelings.

GaIn went on top of the bed and played with the canopy.  Putting it on as a robe, she twirled as she further teased Kwon. “Oh come on now, don’t be shy.  I know you like it.”

She giggled and continued twirling around but her feet got tangled with the canopy.  She lost her balance and fell lying on the bed, the canopy enveloping her like a cocoon.  “Aigoo, yeobo…”

Kwon grinned and went to her.  However, he just removed the part covering her face so she can breathe.  “This is your punishment for teasing me…” and he started tickling her.

GaIn was helpless.  Her body was all wrapped in lace and all she can do was to wriggle.  “Omo… haha… Okay… I’m sorry, yeobo… will design it… the way you like it.” She said in between laughs.

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Braces – Chapter 17

April 17, 2011 at 1:22 am (Braces)

As Kwon stepped out of his striking orange Lotus Exige S240, camera flashes were unstoppable.  The recent news made his already popular self the hottest issue.  Why wouldn’t he be?  News of his unknown marriage to the also popular Son GaIn was soon followed by their divorce.

He tried to ignore the questions the reporters bombarded him and continued walking to the pit.  However, one question caught his attention.

“Jo Kwon-ssi, now that you’re marriage was dissolved and you’re free.  Do you have plans of getting married again?”

Kwon stopped and looked at the reporter.  He smiled and answered, “Of course.” And he continued walking.  The reporters kept on following him.

The person who asked him a while ago asked him again. “Does it mean you have a particular woman in your mind?”

“…and in my heart?” He supplied the reporter’s question.  “Always.” And he shut the door and prepared for his big day.

“This race is for you.” He thought as he wore his helmet.

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Braces – Chapter 16

April 9, 2011 at 2:42 am (Braces)

“Omma, thank you for taking care of my wife.” Kwon said giving emphasis on his last word.  Suddenly he walked straight to the two women and carried GaIn on his shoulders.

“Omo…” was all his mom could say.

“Yah! Put me down!”

Holding her legs to keep her in place, he nodded his head and said goodbye to his mother.  “We have to leave.  There’s a lot we have to talk about.” He walked out the house still carrying her on his shoulders.

GaIn kept struggling asking him to put him down.  “Yah!”

“Shut up!” Kwon screamed as he slapped her butt.  Showing his superiority, his voice thundered.  “Why make my coffee if you don’t want to be discovered.”

Wriggling her legs and hitting his back with her fist, she answered in high voice “Omma asked me to!  And if you really knew it was mine, why pretend you went away!?”

“And make you run away again? You know how misfortunes greet you whenever you run away.” And he dropped GaIn on the driver’s seat.  After pushing her to the passenger seat, Kwon quickly secured the lock.

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 19

April 6, 2011 at 11:35 pm (Is it still you?)

“Sir” GaIn bowed to show respect to the person in front of her.

“Have a seat.”

GaIn felt awkward as she had to be a customer in her own coffee shop.  As awkward as she is, the waiter took their orders.

Right after the waiter left, Kwon’s father spoke. “Leave my son.”


“This place looks good.  It would look better given larger funding.  How much do you want?”

“Sir, are you asking me to leave your son in exchange of this coffee shop?”

“You’re a fast thinker.  I did not expect you’re that smart.”

“And I did not expect you’re not.”

“Mwo?!” The man said in a louder voice.

“I’m sorry, sir.  But I did not think you’re this inconsiderate about your son.  Is that all your son’s worth? A coffee shop?”

“You brat!  Now that Ok Yub is dead, you’re trying to lure Kwon too?  I tell you, you will not get a cent from my family.  I will disinherit Kwon the moment he continues to see you!”

“Then disinherit him! I will work my ass off to provide for him so that he’ll have more reasons to stay by my side!” GaIn said with eyes big enough to scare a child.  She did not want to appear impolite in front of her love’s father but the old man is pushing her to the limit.

Kwon’s father got silent at her outburst.  GaIn saw it and sighed.  “I-I’m sorry.  I did not wish to shout at you.  I’m really sorry.”  Scratching her head, she continued “Please don’t compare my love for Kwon and Ok Yub.  But I assure you, I would dig my own grave beside Ok Yub’s if you would force me to leave Kwon.”

The old man just stared at her for a while, blinking for some time.  Then suddenly he burst out into laughter.  GaIn did not know what to do.  It seems that the old man lost his senses.  She did not know where to touch him to make sure he’s okay.

The man raised his hand to assure her he’s alright.  After calming down a bit, he spoke again “Now I know why the boys fell for you, you’re like their mom.”


“She has the same spunk like you.  Ah, I’ve never laughed this hard for a while.  You should meet her.  Aigoo, I think my wife would kill me when she learns I tried to separate Kwon from you.”

Feeling that it’s safe to approach the table, the waiter gave them their orders.  GaIn said her thanks to her staff then turned to look at Kwon’s father. “Please try this coffee.  This is Kwon’s favorite.  It’s his mix too.” She proudly said.

The man did.  Nodding after a few sips in his approval of the taste.  “Indeed.  If I had known that he makes this good coffee, I have supported him long ago.  Guess I’ve really never paid attention to him.  I got so worried of Ok Yub’s condition, I forgot about him.  I did not control Ok Yub’s life thinking it would be best for his health not noticing I was already controlling Kwon’s.”

“But it’s not too late, Sir.”

“Thank you.”

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Braces – Chapter 15

April 6, 2011 at 12:31 am (Uncategorized)

“Is that so?  I see, just call me if she comes there.  Thank you.  Sorry to disturb you this time of night.”

Kwon sighed and threw his phone to the coffee table.  He leaned back and held his temple, his elbows resting on the armrest.  Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to think of other places her wife could be.

“No news yet?” His mom asked, coming from the kitchen.

Kwon said, eyes still closed, “Yes… I’ve been looking all over for her.”

“Then better drink this coffee first.” His mom said, serving him a cup of coffee.  For some reasons her son suddenly came, asking if GaIn had been there.

Kwon took a sip of the coffee.  Then he looked at her, “Have you really not seen her?  Haven’t she called you?”

Omoni just shook her head. “Son, I did not even know she was here in the country.”

Sighing, he placed the unfinished cup on the table. “I’d better go.  I’ll try looking at her apartment.”  Hurriedly he went out.  His mom walked him to his car.

He was about to open the car door when his mom held his hand.  “Son…”

Kwon did not dare look at his mom and let her see his impending tears.  However, his mom held his face and made him look at her.

“For whatever reason your wife left, make sure to bring her back.  And this time, never let her go.”

Her tender words made him give in his tears.  He hugged his mom tightly.  “Omma, I’ve never been scared like this before.  This feeling, I don’t know how to deal with it.”

“Hush… Lovers might drift apart but they would always come back to each other’s arms.”

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 18

April 4, 2011 at 9:56 am (Is it still you?)

“Sir, the Young Master’s phone is unreachable.  We think he turned it off.”

Kwon’s father kept quiet.  Various newspapers were in front of the table.  All of it having Kwon kissing GaIn on the headline.  His stoic face was betrayed by his tight grip.

“Have you gathered the information I want?” he asked, not looking at his secretary.

“Yes sir.  Here are the details about Miss Son.  According to the investigation, she is already an orphan.” And the man handed the folder to the President.

The President opened and scanned the information given.  Closing the folder, he looked at his secretary and ordered in a strong voice.

“Prepare the car.”


“Yeobo?” Kwon lightly tapped GaIn’s cheek.  They finally reached their destination.  However, she remained sleeping.

Kwon used this opportunity to look at her face thoroughly.  Worry evident even in her slumber.  He tucked the stray strands of hair behind her ear.  Finding a better way to wake her up, he bent down and kissed her.

GaIn sighed in her sleep, giving way to Kwon’s tongue invasion.  “Wake up, Snow White.”

“Kwon-ah” GaIn said, still asleep.

He grinned. Continuing nipping her lips he talked to her again, “Am I that irresistible I occupy even your dreams?”

She felt losing her breath.  Her initial reaction was to remove the thing blocking the air.  She later realized it was Kwon after opening her eyes.  His eyes were glinting with contained laughter.

“Yah, what did you do to me?”

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Braces – Chapter 14

April 2, 2011 at 3:27 pm (Braces)

“The food smells good but you smell delicious.”

Kwon said as he hugged her from behind.  GaIn who did not notice him coming, quickly wiped the tears in her eyes and continued cooking.  Trying to steady her voice she held his hand. “Omo, y-yeobo, you startled me.”

Noticing her sniff as his chin was resting on her shoulder, Kwon held her face to look at him. “Were you crying, yeobo?”

GaIn’s eyes avoided his.  She pushed his hand away.  Smiling, she said “No yeobo, it’s just the fume from the garlic ham.  Ha ha, silly me.”

Kwon was to ask more but his phone suddenly rang.  He was undecided if he was to answer it or to ask more about what’s bothering his wife.

“Go and answer it.  It might be important.  I’m almost done.  I’ll just prepare the table.”

“O-okay then…”

Kwon moved away from her to answer the call.  He went to the garden just outside the kitchen.  GaIn can see him through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

“Oh, Min…”

Hearing her name, GaIn can’t help but listen to the conversation; even if she could only hear Kwon.

“Yeah, I saw it on the table.”

“No, looks like she hasn’t decided yet.”

Hearing about the documents again, GaIn’s hand began to tremble.  She tried to concentrate on transferring the cooked garlic hams to the plate.

“As much as I want it, I can’t decide on my own.”

“Why are you rushing me?”

“I know… but still we have to both agree on it.”

“It’s okay with me; all I need now is her approval.”

Involuntarily, tears began to well her eyes.  Still trying to act normal, GaIn went to get the plates.  However due to blurred vision, she tripped.  The plates fell and broke into pieces.

Kwon who was busy talking outside heard the noise and quickly ended the call.  Rushing to the kitchen, she saw GaIn staring blankly at the broken plates.

“Yeobo?  What happened?”

His voice broke her trance.  She hastily ducked to pick up the broken pieces and slightly cut herself in the process.

“Ah…” She said as she sucked her cut finger.

“Omo, yeobo…” Kwon brought her up the center island.  After cleaning the mess he went back to her.  “Are you okay?” Thinking she was feeling sick, he felt her forehead.

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 17

April 1, 2011 at 12:50 am (Is it still you?)

“Seung Ah…”

“Anyeong, unnie”

“Why are you… How did you…” GaIn can’t finish her words.  She tried hard to hide her disappointment.  She was expecting another person.

“Uwah! This place did not change!” Seung Ah, without any invitation, came inside and looked around the house.  Like a child she sat on the small chair.  After looking around as if she was alone, she stood up and ran upstairs.

GaIn had no choice but to follow her, feeling that she was in no place to forbid her going in since it looks like Seung Ah used to frequent there.

Seung Ah went to the mini motorbike and straddled it.  Then, like a child she wheeled it around by foot.  Still not looking at GaIn.  However she suddenly stopped and talked.

“I used to backride oppa’s motor.”

“Mwo?” GaIn asked, she was surprised when Seung Ah spoke she did not catch most of her words.

“Then oppa will bring me to different places.” Seung Ah then stood up and went to the photo frames.

“After that, his guards will find us and ahjussi will reprimand us.”

“Ahjussi treated me as her own daughter.” Holding the graduation photo, she continued her monologue.

“Do you know what you ruined last night?” Suddenly she gave GaIn a creepy stare.

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