Always a Woman – Chapter 3

May 31, 2011 at 2:14 am (Always a Woman)

“Ji-Eunnie!” GaIn squealed as she ran towards her friend.  The boys wolf-whistled as she passed them.

IU looked up from reading her books and widely smiled as she saw GaIn coming. “In-ah!”

“I have good news!” like a teenager GaIn hopped as she held IU’s hands.

“Oh! You knew already?!” IU’s eyes widened.

“Of course!”

“So your graduation is safe!” IU squealed but GaIn was left confused.

“Are we talking about the same news?” GaIn clarified.

“Uhm… maybe?” IU scratched her head.

“Kwon drove me home!”

“Someone witnessed your innocence!”

Both said at the same time.

“Look at you, already forgetting what he did just because he drove you home.”

“Who witnessed what?”

Both spoke again at the same time.

“What?” It was the first time GaIn heard about this, “Who?”

“I don’t know.  I just heard from the faculty that your case was dismissed since there were enough witnesses on your side.” IU is one of the student assistants in the university.

“Congratulations!” a voice behind them said.  The two girls turned around to see it was KyuHyun.  Only his eyes can smile since he had a cut on his lip.

GaIn quickly pulled him down to sit in between them.  They were face to face as he sat with his back resting on the table.

“What happened to your lips?”  She worriedly asked.  Her hand caressed his cheek.

“Pops…” he simply said and held GaIn’s hand and brought it down the table.  Squeezing it.

The two girls just sighed.  They know that KyuHyun was not in good terms with his grandfather.  The old man developed anger towards his grandson as he blames him for the early death of KyuHyun’s parents.

Trying to console him, GaIn patted his head like a mom to a kid who just bravely went to the dentist.

“The cute little boy will smile.  Come on now. Smile.” And when that was not enough, GaIn tickled his sides.  They were laughing heartily while IU was watching them, softly smiling.

Little did they know, Kwon saw them and the amusement he felt for seeing GaIn’s wall filled with his picture was long forgotten.  He turned around and went the other way.

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Always a Woman – Chapter 2

May 29, 2011 at 11:40 pm (Always a Woman)

The room went quiet when GaIn and Kyuhyun entered.  Why not? They are the famous, bordering to infamous, pair.  Well to everyone’s eyes, that is.  To people in the university, they are automatically an item whenever they break up with their respective partners.  They call them the ‘neon sign’ couple, always on and off.

GaIn silently elbowed her friend to take his arm off her while smiling sweetly at Kwon who in turn just glanced at her with an irritated look.  She walked towards his direction and sat on the vacant seat next to Kwon like what she did with his parking space a while ago.  She heard an irritated sigh behind her.

“Oh I’m sorry but my best friend already reserved this seat for me.  Right, Ji-Eun?” she looked at her friend who was sitting on the other side of the seat.

“Yup! Sorry, TaeYeon-ssi.” GaIn’s nerdy friend politely acknowledged TaeYeon.

GaIn then looked at TaeYeon.  She smirked, “Too bad your boyfriend did not save you a seat next to him. Tsk.” And she added salt in the wound when she shook her head.  Then smiling too sweetly at her, GaIn sat and gently twitched her fingers to shoo her.

TaeYeon, living up to her image, kept her poise and went to Kwon “Do something.  Shoo her away.”

Kwon who was busy discussing questions with his friend YongHwa, look up her.  “Tae… I’m just the class president, not the exam proctor.  I can’t decide who will sit where.” And he went back to solving the question.

Not able to hide her irritation, TaeYeon went to the vacant seat behind GaIn. The latter just continued to tease her by playfully sticking her tongue out.

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Is It Still You? – Chapter 21

May 29, 2011 at 1:17 am (Is it still you?)

“Good morning, sunshine…” Kwon huskily said.  He just woke up and found GaIn staring at him. He gathered her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

“You smell nice…” GaIn commented as she nuzzled the corner of his neck and shoulder.

“and you taste nice…” He said as he played with her lips.  Nibbling it.

“Nice only?” she asked as she playfully bit his chin.

Kwon chuckled and answered in between the kiss, “You’re taste is addicting”

The kiss started to get deeper as their hands caressed each other.  However, Kwon’s phone kept ringing it was hard to ignore it.

“You better be important.” He groaned.  His eyes grew as he saw the caller. Quickly, he answered it. “Yeoboseyeo?”

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Always a Woman – Chapter 1

May 27, 2011 at 11:19 am (Always a Woman)

“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

GaIn can no longer control the butterflies in her stomach.  She really anticipated this moment.  The moment he will lift her veil and kiss her.  She bit her lip as he lifted that thin fabric.  His eyed closed and his face slowly descends.  Her cheeks blushed and she closed her eyes, too.

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Braces – Long and steamy final chapter v1.0

May 13, 2011 at 10:28 pm (Braces)

She did not care about the flashes blinding her.  Reporters can picture her all they want.  The only thing running in her mind was him.

“… Kwonnie… Kwon-ah, he met an accident in the race.”

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