Is It Still You? – Chapter 23

July 20, 2011 at 2:00 am (Is it still you?)


The screeching voice can be easily heard from her room.  Moments later, a cute teenager came rushing in.  She looked excited.

“Wae?” GaIn asked.

Before SoonDuk answered, she looked around the room.  Finding GaIn’s TV turned off she quickly looked around the room for the remote control and opened it.

“Ppalli! He’s back!” all she said and concentrated on the news.

“Bachelor Jo Kwon finally went public after three months of keeping everything low.  Rumor has it that after his scandal during his supposedly engagement party, the group of companies had a hard time keeping stable.”

In the news Kwon was seen walking towards his car escorted by his guards, not minding the blinding flashes of cameras clicking non-stop.  Then it switched to a recent ambush interview by the media.

“What made you go out again after all this time?” One reporter asked

“Will the wedding between you and Miss SeungAh carry on?” the second one asked.

“How about the girl you brought in the company party? Isn’t she the one you said you’ll marry?” the third reporter asked in addition to the second one’s.

Kwon just looked at the camera “I’m still waiting…” he vaguely answered.

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Always a Woman – Chapter 7

July 10, 2011 at 1:55 am (Always a Woman)

“So who owns that log cabin?”

Kwon and GaIn are currently in a low-cost clothes shop. GaIn was busy digging through the pile of clothes labeled sale. Kwon’s car just got delivered and the first thing they did was to go down the market.

GaIn took a shirt and spread it out on Kwon’s chest. Her brows wriggling as she looked at the fit on him. “It was my aunt’s. It was a gift from her ex, chef Chang oppa. I really don’t know why she let go of him.  He’s rich and is a very caring man. He even cooks food for her whenever she’s sick.”

“Why are you living with her anyway? Don’t you have parents?” He asked curiously.

“Ahjumma! Can we have another discount since we bought a lot of stuff?” She called on the lady on the counter. Then she faced Kwon. “Size?”

Kwon just eyed him confusedly. Rolling her eyes she clarified “Brief size? Boxer size?” Her eyes got large with every question, as if she was a teacher so disappointed with her student who did not understand the lesson.

“Mwo?!” Kwon suddenly felt his cheeks burn.

Confirming he would not give it right away, she sighed. Then she looked at him straight in the eyes before her eyes went down lower his stomach. Unconsciously, she bit her lip as she gazed. Kwon, feeling embarrassed, placed his hands on his front. GaIn snapped out of it and turned towards the saleswoman.

“ahjumma, I’m sure I need a Large size.” GaIn said, leaning closer to the woman. She hid her mouth with her hand but it was useless as her voice can’t pass as a whisper. The ahjumma looked at Kwon, then lower, then back to GaIn and nodded in agreement.

The old woman went away to get a bag for their orders and returned. “You are so lucky, child. Ah, I remember my late nampyeon.” And the ahjumma held her burning cheeks. Getting out of her dream, the ahjumma continued packing the clothes. “I’ll give you another discount since you’ll need money for your future cute children!”

“Ah, but we’re—“ Kwon protested but GaIn stopped him.

“Thank you very much! I hope you have more customers today!” GaIn said as she dragged Kwon out of the shop after paying.

Upon exiting the shop Kwon immediately fumed, “Yah! Why did you let the ahjumma think we’re a couple?”

GaIn returned his wallet to him. “Aren’t you glad we saved money? Just to remind you, it was your money…”

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