Is It Still You – Chapter 25

August 26, 2011 at 1:16 am (Is it still you?)

Her hands were trembling. She was literally dragging her feet towards Ok Yub’s grave.  SeungAh was just a few steps away when her legs finally gave in.  She squeezed her hands on her lap tightly as she tried to fight back the tears.  She can’t believe what she just found out.

“Ok Yub-oppa…pabo…” she started with a whisper. “Pabo…” her voice starts to get louder. “PABO!” she shouted as she hit her lap with her fists.

Tears continuously rolled down her eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me, earlier? I could have been happy.  WE could have been happy…” and she wailed as she remembered her previous talk with Kwon.

“Oppa!” SeungAh happily greeted Kwon, as if everything about them were just like before.

“When will you stop this game?” Kwon asked.  He knew that she was behind GaIn’s decision to break up with him.

Suddenly, SeungAh’s smiling face turned dangerously.  “Never.”

But to her surprise, Kwon slowly walked towards her and hugged her. “SeungAh-yah… please stop this.  This is not you. Please go back to the sweet girl I knew.”

Her heart was about to give in but suddenly flashes of GaIn’s happy image with Kwon and Ok Yub came to her.  Quickly, she pushed Kwon away. “It was because of her that I lost Ok Yub oppa, and now she’s trying to take you away from me.  I can’t let her take away everything from me!” Rage filled her eyes.

But Kwon just held her hands.  Remorse was unusually evident in his handsome face.  Then slowly, without letting go of her hand, he knelt down.  “SeungAh… Mianhe… Jeongmal, mianhe.”

She was about to pull her hand away when he spoke again. “GaIn… GaIn did not take hyung away from you… It was me.”

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Is it Still You? – Chapter 24

August 21, 2011 at 1:03 am (Is it still you?)


His father’s voice broke his sad memory backtrack.  He looked at the rear view mirror to see his father staring back at him.  He did not notice that his father was already inside the car.  Today was his father’s discharge from the hospital.  Also, his first day to go public after that incident. “A-appa… Omma” he looked behind to face them properly and bowed.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fetch you from the room.”

“It’s okay.  The media would surround us more if you happened to be there.” His father replied.

“Kwon-ah, are you sure you’re ready?”  MiSun can’t help but worry for her son.  During the past three months, he was almost killing himself with work.  Going out in public would just mean more pressure for him.

Kwon just gave a soft nod and sat properly as they drive back to the mansion.  Then his gaze went back to the small piece of paper he was tightly holding.  There in that paper was the address of his princess’s castle.  A castle he whole heartedly prays to be not so beautiful so that his princess would come back to their own small kingdom.

“This place… I’ll be waiting here… If you come here, you’ll find me.”

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August 7, 2011 at 12:50 am (Always a Woman)


when you crack the password, be sure to thank the Royal couple, Khuntoria and the always Flushing couple, Goguma.

I’ve already given the hint.  PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT. It’s the best HAND you could have🙂

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Protected: Always a Woman – PW edition

August 7, 2011 at 12:44 am (Always a Woman)

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Always a Woman – Chapter 8

August 1, 2011 at 2:01 am (Always a Woman)

“Wow! You could really cook!” Kwon said as he peeked from GaIn’s back.  She’s cooking samgyetang.

“I learned a lot from chef Chang.  Seriously, his dishes are daebak!  He could be rich just with his one dish.” GaIn said as she took some sample of samgyetang and blew it cold.  Then she turned to face Kwon. “Check if it tastes okay.” She offered the spoon while her other hand was under, ready to catch some spills.

Kwon was taken aback by the gesture but still tasted it. “Yup! It’s not just okay.  It’s delicious!”

“I know.” She said chicly and winked.  Then she went back to cooking.

Kwon just laughed at her cheekiness. “So what else did that chef taught you?”

She was about to answer when they heard a ring tone.  Recognizing the sound, Kwon looked sharply at GaIn.  “I thought you left our phones in your house?”

“What phone? I don’t hear anything.” GaIn tried to deny but Kwon stretched out his hand.  He looked at her irritated.  “Fine!” and Gain took his phone from her pocket.  Then she forcefully placed it on his palm. “Chet…”

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