Is It Still You – Finale?

September 15, 2011 at 12:59 am (Is it still you?)


“Do you know that this was all Kwon-oppa’s fault?” She started. Her eyes were still swollen from crying.

Sensing that she shouldn’t be there, SoonDuk tactfully went out of the house.

“How you were so lucky they both loved you first?” GaIn gave her an answer she did not expect.

“Y-you… you knew? W-when? How?” It seems that the only thing left for SeungAh to do was useless.  How can she hurt her too when she knew all along?  The good inside her was starting to overpower the hatred that was not easy to give up inside her.

GaIn calmly smiled, very far from what she was feeling inside.  Trying to ignore the dizziness she was already feeling she answered. “Remember the framed photo you gave me at Kwon’s playhouse?”  SeungAh slowly nodded.  “I dropped it.  My hands were trembling, it crashed on the floor.  As I was cleaning it up I saw something at the back of the picture.  I’m not sure if you saw it before.  But looking at your reaction now, I think you haven’t.” Then GaIn went to the drawer and pulled the photo and handed it to SeungAh.

Quickly SeungAh turned it around to look at the back.  There, written faintly, was OkYub’s writing.  It was directly behind their spot where she kissed him.

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Pause, Stop, Restart – Preview

September 4, 2011 at 10:07 pm (Restart)

Have you ever wished to pause for a while and think things over?

Have you ever wished to stop and preserve the moment for the rest of your life?

Have you ever wished to restart over again?

Have you ever wished you see that person again?


What will you do if you were given all these chances?

But can you still continue… if that person doesn’t remember you?


Can heart recall what the mind can’t remember?




so guys I’m back! and this is my new fic in place of the soon-to-finish IISY.

can you guess the plot?

and if you do, can you suggest who’s who?




Looking forward to your comments and suggestions,

Psycho Writer 🙂

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