Always a Woman – Chapter 10

December 23, 2011 at 12:32 am (Always a Woman)

“Tilt it more to the right”

“Like this?”

“I said right. Do you really know where your right is, mister?”

Kwon just gave GaIn a deadly glare.  They were setting up the cabin for Christmas.  He was standing on the makeshift ladder fixing the star on the tree.

“Then clarify whose right you mean.  I’m facing you so we have different rights okay?” he answered back like a child.

GaIn can’t help but grin at his child-like behavior.  Honestly, though she missed his stern and grumpy look, she likes this carefree side of him more.  “Never mind, just leave it like that.”

“Why do we need to set up a tree? We don’t have gifts to put under it anyway.” He asked while going down.

“You’re such a killjoy! Don’t tell me you have no plans of giving me Christmas presents?!” GaIn said surprised.

“I didn’t even know you plan to put up decorations.  In case you forgot, it’s already the 24th!”

“You really don’t have anything for me?! I cooked food, I decorated the house! I even prepared something for you!” GaIn whined.

Kwon opened his mouth and was about to answer when they heard an engine outside the cabin.  He sighed. “There goes your gift.  It arrived earlier than expected.” And he tilted his head towards the door.

Excited, GaIn hurriedly opened the door.  Upon seeing what it was, she quickly ran towards Kwon, gave him a peck and smiled. “Thank you!”

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