Protected: Trouble Maker… Again >_<

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January 5, 2012 at 2:08 am (Uncategorized)

a dance/song that sounds like the enemy of something that appeared in both Sixth Sense and Trouble Maker, and a style also be used for something byuntae.

there are more V than the C in the password.

ratio of V to C is    2:1

out of the 5 Vs only 1 was not used.

5-1 = 4 ,  there are 4 Vs in this pw

looking at the ratio 2:1, then 4:x

in total, the password has 4+ x = ? letters

do your math right and you will know the answer.

Good luck! Meow!

V : spelled with 5 letters, made up of 5 letters

C: spelled with 9 letters, made up of 21 letters

V is the pair of C, you can have an ______________ if you combine V and C.

Come on guys! Ganbatte! Hwaiting! V and C is very simple! it’s taught in nursery!

another take on this PW:

in Nihongo there is a sound you will produce when you add “ to T or K.

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