January 5, 2012 at 2:08 am (Uncategorized)

a dance/song that sounds like the enemy of something that appeared in both Sixth Sense and Trouble Maker, and a style also be used for something byuntae.

there are more V than the C in the password.

ratio of V to C is    2:1

out of the 5 Vs only 1 was not used.

5-1 = 4 ,  there are 4 Vs in this pw

looking at the ratio 2:1, then 4:x

in total, the password has 4+ x = ? letters

do your math right and you will know the answer.

Good luck! Meow!

V : spelled with 5 letters, made up of 5 letters

C: spelled with 9 letters, made up of 21 letters

V is the pair of C, you can have an ______________ if you combine V and C.

Come on guys! Ganbatte! Hwaiting! V and C is very simple! it’s taught in nursery!

another take on this PW:

in Nihongo there is a sound you will produce when you add “ to T or K.



  1. lol said,

    this is confusing .. lol

  2. Panda said,

    This is one hell of a pw Ash……….. LOL have fun yeorobun~~~~~~

  3. far said,

    ooo…so difficult..could u give another hint??which more easy

  4. shabana said,

    oh…this is confusing…
    so difficult!!!

  5. mel said,

    So happy u write new adamfanfic but its so difficult.. So confusing…

  6. shabana said,

    give up…can’t guess….i’m tired!!! can u give me password?

  7. itchygirl90 said,

    i can’t solve this…. too hard 😦

  8. aj said,

    T_T its too hard pls send us the password …as a newyear gift

  9. koko said,

    its too difficult….. =(
    please give a simpler hint

  10. kimsujun said,

    hello 🙂 i’ve been a silent reader for a long time .. and this is the first time i can’t guess the password ! LOL ~ ! 🙂
    pls. give a simpler hint *pouts* :)))

  11. IHATEPW said,

    =..= This is Crazy Shit

  12. kimsujun said,

    i still can’t get it .. can you give me the password ? i want to read it so bad ! i’m dying here T_T

  13. Kmiuit said,

    I know V & C but I still not get about hint in the end T___T

    • koko said,

      Kmiuit: what about V & C? i couldnt understand any of the hints. i just get that the password got 6 letters, (hopefully i’m right about that)

  14. koko said,

    Kmiuit: what about V & C? i couldnt understand any of the hints. i just get that the password got 6 letters, (hopefully i’m right about that)

    • Kmiuit said,

      ahh can i say in this post?? writer gonna kill us -*-

      • koko said,

        but its not the final answer, right? i guess it should be ok. pretty pleasee~

  15. kimsujun said,

    kmiuit : pls help us 😦

    • Kmiuit said,

      I will say in this way~ C your keyboard U will get it

      • koko said,

        ahhh..you’re giving us another hint? hehe.. i thought u going to give us directly =)

      • kimsujun said,

        i still don’t get it 😦 my mind isn’t working *slaps my head*

  16. kimsujun said,

    okay..i give up!!..can you give me the password ?

    • peperopocky said,

      how old are you?

      • qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

        is it a 6 letter word stating with c???

      • kimsujun said,

        i’m 20 🙂

      • peperopocky said,

        you sure? prove it. -_-

      • koko said,

        i’m 24!! =))
        another hint please~

      • peperopocky said,

        proof? 😛

      • kimsujun said,

        how am i suppose to prove it ? 🙂

    • Kmiuit said,

      ahh I dun know the pw yet just know about V&C part but cant combined it -*-

      this is first time I cant get the pw too T___T

      • mel said,

        yaa me too.. its so hardddd

  17. lohshale said,

    I can’t Figure it out…. HELP!!!!!

    • peperopocky said,

      aigoo, you can do it. Hwaiting! there is something in the hint that would make everything a lot easier. just one word here.

      • koko said,

        seems like u’ve added (Good Luck! Meow) is that additional hint?

      • peperopocky said,

        Good luck! Meow has so many words, just choose one from it

      • lohshale said,

        I can’t do it.. It’s Confusing….>________<

      • qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

        first letter please…

      • Kmiuit said,

        something about meow and ahh right? but I still cant get it poor me T__T

  18. chinx789 said,

    wtf…help!!!huhu…is it something to do with cat/pussy?cunt?..haha….give up..:))

  19. Unanimous said,

    aigoo….You guys or gals just need to reread the 1st paragraph n you’ll get it. (that’s a major hint)

    • chinx789 said,


    • qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

      1st paragraph??

      still catch no ball………………………

    • Kmiuit said,

      Cant get it T___T First time I cant crack it T____T plz help… give us another hint

  20. qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

    i dont get it!!! HELP!!!

  21. lohshale said,

    Reread 2hours or More…But i still don’t understand

  22. koko said,

    actually i had been trying to crack the password for the past 8 hours. Maybe my vocabulary isn’t good enough to came up with the answer…. =(

    • qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

      me too=(

    • Kmiuit said,

      Me too >__<

  23. adamj said,

    OMG!!please help…huhu..i’m trying everything~~~~=(

  24. shabana said,

    i’m confusing and tried fail crack many times…can u give me the password??please please please..

    • koko said,

      seems like u’ve cracked it. little hint please….

  25. julthegreat said,

    can’t figure out the password, 6 letters, meow, V&C? will have to try to think harder tomorrow.

  26. chinx789 said,

    can’t you just give us another hint??……please..

  27. hooobooo said,

    lol .. this is why i hate math .. lol daebak hint ! ^^ eventho i finally solve it ..

    • dedeleighton said,

      Please do help, forever fail trying to crack the password T__T another hints please..

    • chinx789 said,

      could you give us a hint..please…..this is killing me…awwrr!!!:((

      • hooobooo said,

        it has something to do with meow meow ^^

      • qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

        meow as in???
        the sound of cat???

      • hooobooo said,

        nope .. it has sth to do w/ cat ^^

  28. lohshale said,

    After 1 day I still can’t Figure out the PAssword T_______T

  29. kimsujun said,

    after 1 day i still can’t get it T_____T another hint pls .. HELP PLS 😦

  30. ayapot said,

    its been a long time since i post here… please… i still cant get the password.. parang awa mo na…. hint pa. hhehehehehe

  31. maple said,

    hi, i’m a silent reader, the password is super hard to crack, can anyone help me? i only know it has 6 words and it has something to do with cats and a song…..please anyone?

  32. chinx789 said,

    oo nga..parang awa mo na..pareho naman tayong pinoy eh..haha…

  33. qi (@theinnocentgurl) said,

    please please first letter please T.T

  34. julthegreat said,


  35. bbeh said,

    still cnt crack the pwd..:( cn any1 help??

  36. dedeleighton said,

    It’s been almost 3 days.. I give up till someone give us another hint.. T__T

  37. chinx789 said,

    can someone help us?!!for god’s sake….pls…

    • caysme said,

      read again the first paragraph, it will help a lot because i don’t even know the V and C but just reading the first part you will get it right away. Just think about the word enemy there.. :))

      • julthegreat said,

        Is it an animal???

      • Jkgiad said,

        I think i know the word, but this word hav only 4letter right? I dont understand y it hav 6letters.
        And it not in Capital letter right?
        Please ans me >____<"
        Thank you in advance ^^

  38. gdgain said,

    it’s not in capitals. the first paragraph really helped a lot.
    just ask the author if she can TEACH you the PW 🙂

    • Jkgiad said,

      I try to read the first paragraph several time, but i can find only a word with 4letters, so i dont know y the auther sat hav 6 letters. Or am i wrong?
      Help me plaese >___<"

    • chinx789 said,

      is it vern/veronica………..since the first paragraph stated “an enemy”..huhu…but the pw contains 6 letters..huhu…damn..huhu

      • caysme said,

        i agree with gdgain.. just ask the author if she can TEACH you the “password” …

        remember it is a dance/song! 😀 and it contains 6 letters…
        i think everybody know this dance.. 😀

  39. caysme said,

    Nobody TEACH ME HOW TO unlock this password…
    But I hope you can get it right this time! 😀

    • chinx789 said,

      haha…i got it…wtf…thanks for the hint…:))

      • Hihiii said,

        I stil don’t get it=______=

      • julthegreat said,

        hint please! i have no idea what dance and by who?!

      • chinx789 said,

        you just have to read caysme’s comment…it’s obvious..trust me..:))

    • dedeleighton said,

      Congratulation.. You’re smart..

    • bitz said,

      haha! thanks for the hint! now i got it! ^^

      • sil3ntprayer said,

        tell me T.T consider it my bday gift 🙂

  40. adamj said,

    you already got it??i envy u..=[

  41. bbeh said,

    its a dance? i still dun get it..its so hard 😦

  42. sil3ntprayer said,

    ah ok.. the clues so far..

    1. 6 letters, start with C
    2. dance/song type related to sixth sense/TM and cat??

    i seriously dont get the V&C part! i even try to google and all i get is massive headache 😦 some kind soul pls give easier clues..

    • sil3ntprayer said,

      wah finally got it muahahaha.. thx caysme 🙂

      • caysme said,

        sure.. no problem 😀

  43. songainfan said,

    Please send me the password I have been trying for I don’t know how long.
    I don’t understand your clues.

  44. bitz said,

    yeey! i got it! ^^ after reading just that one comment, i suddenly realize what it is.. loool .. now off to read.. hehehe

    • julthegreat said,

      ? Is it a nursery rhyme? In singapore?

      • caysme said,

        it’s not a nursery rhyme.. but this song is popular in the Philippines.. Sorry, I can’t TEACH YOU HOW TO get the password but reading this comment will really help you a lot to get the password right.. 😀

  45. Joyce said,

    Oh i finally got it. But did that post just got deleted?

  46. AJ said,

    what happen to your post? when I was about to try my luck again in guessing the password, you removed it already, ekkekekekekeek!!!!

  47. koko said,

    why?? why?? just when i had solved the pswd, the post already gone…. =(

  48. songainfan said,

    I still dont have the password.
    How should I know a song in the Philippines, when I live in germany?

    • dedeleighton said,

      I even searched in google ”Popular song in Philippines” XD
      Still can’t find the password..

  49. koko said,

    is the password still the same this time?

  50. Mirijam said,

    Still don’t have it. Can someone send it to me. (little_lady_07@hotmail.de)
    Please Im o stupid for that…

  51. Joyce said,

    OKAY CAN SOMEONE JUZ TELL ME HW MANY LETTERS ARE THERREEEEE??? i think i kind of got it. but it totally dont match witda v n c part.

  52. dedeleighton said,

    Oh I got it finally!!!!

    • Joyce said,

      can someone tell me if its really 6 letters?

      • dedeleighton said,

        tweet me, i’ll teach you..

    • Jhiew said,

      What is it. I thought it’s the teach me how to xxx . Seems like it’s wrong. Dedeleighton !!! Help!!!

  53. jessniag said,

    been trying to solve it for ages! but still can’t get it! more hints? hehe!

  54. adamlove said,

    I know the answer but it seems like it isn’t the password anymore… Isn’t this the teach me how to _______? Are ther capital letters? or the password had already changed?

  55. Jiro said,

    its not the same password anymore.?can anybody help me.?please

  56. adamshipperbks said,

    hi i’ve been a silent reader of ur ffs and really love them all esp braces and switched! 🙂
    i just wanna know if this hint related to “Trouble Maker… Again >.<"?
    cos i can't find any pw hint for that ff
    thanks! 🙂

  57. Sophannary Kong (@KSophannary) said,

    popular song in Philippines?? so how can i get the pw “( I’m not Philippians..

    • AJ said,

      sorry but I have to correct you, it should be Filipinos not Philippians.

  58. SonGaInFan said,

    Still don’t have the password.
    Please…can somebody tell me the password?
    AJ? Please I can’t get it TT^TT
    As I said I hate passwords so please

  59. AJ said,

    sorry but I, too cant guess the password until now. still hoping for new hint so I can finally guess how to crack the password.

  60. crabbielife said,

    ash… can I give the hint? maybe you forget to write the clue :p

    the new password = the title..with a little ‘modification’ XD
    no caps.no space…

  61. crabbielife said,

    ash… I’ll give the hint… is it ok? if not..u can delete my comment ^^

    the new password = the title..with a little ‘modification’ XD
    no caps.no space…

    • Adamj said,

      Can u cant get it..:(

      • Adamj said,

        SOrry..still can’t get it..:(

    • mutechan said,

      I still dun get it what title,what modification about tell me plz I miss this fic >_<

      • crabbielife said,

        is the hint I gave wasn’t enough? @@

        it’a not the same password with previous post.

        the NEW password = the title.. meannss the new password IS the title. BUT with a lil ‘modification’. it means u just need to change the word a little, by turning the first two words to an ABBREVIATION.

        there are 7 words.

      • Jkgiad said,

        I’m try to modification those two word, but i still dont get how to ABBREVIATION.
        Someone please help me >___<

    • aoideisthename said,

      @crabbielife is it the title of this post??? how is it 7 words when i only see two words of the title of this post??? i’m going crazy! LOL!!

      by the way, silent reader here! :))

      • crabbielife said,

        “Trouble Maker… Again”

        thats the title, isn’t it? @@

      • aoideisthename said,

        but that’s not 7 words… that’s 3 words. 😦

      • crabbielife said,

        oops..i mean 7 letters *slaps myself* sorry…mistaken words and letters ;;-;;

        it’s impossible for wordpress to have more than 20 letters password… so 7 words is impossible :]]]]]]]

      • aoideisthename said,

        Is it still the same? no matter how i modify it into abbrev. I still can’t get in… Help!! Lol

    • mutechan said,

      clear!!! Super Thx crabbie ^^

      • Jkgiad said,

        I’m try to modification those two word, but i still dont get how to ABBREVIATION.
        Someone please help me >___<

  62. shabana said,

    songainfan:i just test answer password but the change new password so i don’t know..sorry…

  63. effiea said,

    Seriously I have been at this for months and I still cannot get it (T_T)!!! Someone please help me!!!!

  64. gdgain said,

    is this a whole new thing? a new password and different from the old one? or the old password with a little modification?

  65. ayapot said,

    someone help me..
    its been a month and almost everyday i always guessing the password. please… give us the password. 😦
    im begging you.. all of those people who cracked the password.
    share it with us.

  66. fahiragea said,

    I give up.

  67. leelable said,

    i already knew the password, thanks for the hint crabbielife
    it so simple but i think to far…hehehe…

    jinja kumawo crabbielife

    • aoideisthename said,

      Can you give us another hint?? No matter how I abbreviate it, I still can’t crack the password. I think I’m going crazy!!! Lol!

      • leelable said,

        i knew this password cause i read all post in this blog, so i can understand character writer,, the key word is ABBREVIATION of the tittle and have 7 letters, don’t too focus on explanation. just focus on title “trouble maker…again”

      • aoideisthename said,

        I got it!! Hahaha! Thank you!

  68. please said,

    Can u just give password..

  69. lmfao said,

    Make me crazy..argh im tottaly give up..why u need to lock it?

  70. stars said,

    is this the hint for trouble maker…again? wow i can’t unlock it. can you give another one?

    • peperopocky said,

      Sorry, this was for the original post… For some reasons I don’t know, my post was blocked and I had to repost it. The password’s the same in a sense… you just have to “shorten” it a bit.

      PS: My bad, upon checking, you just have to alter the title of THAT POST. all lower case. it starts with a “trademark”. LOL Though I want to give the password right away, the contents are really too adultish… 😛

      btw, this is a REPOST. Meaning, if you have read Trouble Maker, then it’s the SAME one.

  71. Blitz said,

    This is frustrating… I’m not even sure if I want to read the rest of the fics when there are so many password protected ones in the master list…

    • peperopocky said,

      because they’re B ones. And I don’t want my posts flagged. 🙂 you can try decoding them, the passwords are given away by some comments.

  72. Maya said,

    Peperopocky, sorry for whining but still have have not idea how to abbreviate it..I am more than old enough to read it…please give another clue…

  73. Maya said,

    I tried entered traumas,troumas, but it was wrong..very frustrating, give me a hand please…

    • Ling~ said,

      i got it like finally!!
      The title is “Trouble Maker AGAIN”! The words in cap but type it in small letters and no spacing!!^^ hope it helped!

    • peperopocky said,

      Have you unlocked it already?

      • Maya said,

        Thanks LIng and Peperopocky for giving me a hand on this. I managed to crack it based on Ling’s tips…I’m Malaysian and since we have different cultures sometimes it is difficult for me to guess the password. Thanks again for both of your concerns. I love the Adam couple, and I am happy nowadays since I can at least see Jinwoonie via WGM 🙂

  74. baby-D said,

    I GOT IT

  75. thantz said,

    thanks ling,fori got it

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