August 13, 2012 at 11:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Someday, I hope to update my fics again…

BTW… that incident with my other fic wasn’t the reason for my hiatus. I know my own writing.  Just got really busy with school work (I’m finally graduating! hurray! last stretch!)

Someday… this Thursday, perhaps? haha!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Miss you guys!



  1. Rùa IS b u n g e e ツ said,

    wow awesome \o/ will be waiting patiently~~~ we miss you too Ash ♥

    and congrats on your graduating ^_^ *throws confettis & pops champagne*

  2. athenarei said,

    Hoorah!! Ash, congratulations!!

  3. tylose said,

    Wow , Congratulations on your graduating. I really miss you writing but don’t wanna rush you. Take your time, I’ll wait patiently since it’s worth to wait. ^_^

  4. shabana said,

    Wow, Congratulations on your graduating and very hardworking 🙂
    i will wait…

  5. monji said,

    Congratulations ash!!! *pops confetti*

  6. Panda said,

    Miss you and your fics, Ash~~
    And congratulation to your graduation!!!!!!!! \o/

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