Always a Woman – Chapter 11

February 14, 2013 at 8:41 pm (Always a Woman)

“Narshaaaaa…” GaIn followed her aunt wherever she goes.

“I already told you I don’t wanna…” Narsha dismissed GaIn.  She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Then just give me the recipe.  You don’t have to teach me yourself.” GaIn continued to bug.

“Just buy one from the store.” and Narsha bent down to get some beer.

“But I want it to be special.  I want to see Kwon’s touched and happy reaction, just like how Chef Chang does whenever you make it for him. Please… HyoJin-ah—”

Narsha slammed the fridge door. “Ask him to teach you then!” She quickly looked away and gulped some beer but GaIn did not fail to see the tear that fell from her aunt’s eye.

“Auntie… I’m so—”

Narsha quickly raised her hand with the beer.  “Forget it.  I need a breather” and she finished her beer, grabbed her coat and went out of the house.

GaIn felt guilty afterwards.  She knew she pushed too much, even calling her aunt by that name.  “Mianhe..” She thought



Narsha was walking aimlessly when she heard someone calling her name.  She quickly looked around; it was a man who was running towards the woman outside the sweets shop.  The woman then waved at him and latched her arms on his. The man took her bag and holds it for her before they went on their way.

Narsha looked at the couple as they walked away.  Then she looked at the shop they left and as if hypnotized, she walked closer.  On the display window were different types of chocolates.  Some were packed, ready for gifting, while others were in their raw forms.  She gently touched the window as memories filled her.

“Don’t overheat it or it will become dry and bitter” Chang said.  Narsha was melting the chocolate chunks to transfer into heart-shaped molds.

“But I want to make it faster!” She said excitedly.

Chang grinned and tipped her nose “HyoJin-ah, some things come out perfect when one just knows how to be patient and wait for the right timing.”

“Yah! Why you—” Narsha complained as his finger left some icing on the tip of her nose.

Chang grinned, bent down and kissed her nose.  Licking the icing away in the process. “There…”

Narsha blushed, elbowed him, and turned around. “Yah, you better get back to your seat and wait until I finish.”

“Arasso, you better make a good one and make it quick.  It’s almost 12 midnight.” He teased.

“Op-oppa…” Narsha gently tapped Chang’s cheek.  He fell asleep on the table while waiting for her to finish.

“Hn?” Chang raised his head.  One eye still shut while the other was squinting.

“Happy Valentine’s” and he felt her lips on his.

Recovering from his sleepy state, Chang grinned “told you some things turn out better when you wait” and he continued to kiss her. “I don’t want you go selling or sharing this best tasting chocolate to anyone else.” He said while nibbling her lips. “I’ll have it patented under my name” and he grinned.

“Arasso, oppa…” she also grinned, encircling her arms on him.  The chocolate in the molds can wait.


“Kwon-ah, happy Valentine’s day!”

Kwon can’t help but grin as he remembered the night before when GaIn gave him chocolates.  He was really expecting her to give him one but actually receiving it gives him a different feeling of satisfaction and warmth.  Once again he smiled as he looked at the crooked lettering of his name on some of the heart-shaped chocolates.

His grinning ended when he felt a whack on his head. Holding the hurt part, he looked at the person who hit him. “Hyung!” he complained.

“You looked stupid a while ago, don’t you know that?” and his hyung leaned on the table.

Kwon noticed the paper bags he was carrying. “Min-hyung, don’t tell me you brought here again the chocolates your admirers gave you?”

“Wow, you’ve become pretty smart.” His hyung teased and placed the bags on Kwon’s already filled table.

“I know you hate Valentine’s, so why do you keep on accepting them? Look I’ve also got a lot of other chocolates to handle, why bring yours here?” Kwon complained, pointing with the hand holding GaIn’s chocolate the pile of chocolates and gifts on his table.

“Other?” Min noticed “So this one’s special?” and he took the one Kwon was holding. “TaeYon?” he asked as he opened the box.


“Haha, just kidding.  This must be from the new girl then?” and he took one piece.

“She’s not just a new girl and she’s got a name, okay?” Kwon said trying to snatch the taken piece from Min.  “Her name’s— HYUNG!!!” Min already stuffed the chocolate in his mouth.

Kwon was about to complain more but he saw his hyung’s hardened look.  “Hyung…”

“Who the hell makes such awful chocolates?” He said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin “Just donate them to some orphanage, then.  Will you?” and left.  Leaving Kwon confused.


“Damn it” Min cursed as he entered his car and slammed the door shut.  All the beer and vodka he drank from the bar he just went out from were useless as the memories keep bugging him.

“Happy Valentine’s, oppa.  Saranghae.” The woman said as she kissed him with her chocolate-covered lips.

Min gripped the wheel tightly when another memory came rushing in.

“Just leave me alone, will you?  I already got what I wanted from your family.  I don’t need you anymore. Let’s just call it quits then.” And the same woman ruthlessly left him on Valentine’s Day.

His trance was broken by a call. Min fished his phone and answered after reading who the caller was. “Noona”

“I want you to get some information on this new girl Kwon is dating.” The woman on the line started.

“Noona, can we talk about this some other time.” He said.


“Please” and he hung up the phone, removed the battery and threw it on the back seat.

Feeling weak, he rested his head on the wheel.  “HyoJin-ah” he said. Tears rolled down his cheeks before he succumbed to sleep.



Jajan! I’m back! I’m seriously back. and sorry for the long wait.

So for those who guessed it right, clap clap clap! you dear readers are really smart! 🙂

sorry if this post was a bit heart breaking. and a bit short… and not centered on our lovely couple.

but you know me guys, right? I don’t want to make my readers sad.

Who knows? I might make up for it real soon! LOL

by the way… since this is my latest update after ages of being hiatus, your comments are gladly appreciated. I’m not sure if I still have that writing knack in me. lol






  1. Fai said,

    Yay!!! Thkx for the vday present.. Been missing this fic especially!!

    Of course, it has to be changmin~ i hope he wont help kwon’s mom tearing our cpl apart… He mst have love narsha still. So much i felt.

    • peperopocky said,

      But the more you love the person, the more painful it is. Right?

  2. 루아번지 ☻☺ said,

    aww thanks for this uber sweet valentine`s gift and welcomeeeeeeee back Ash♥ ah so happy you can start updating more often now ^^~~

    hmm why do i think that chef Chang won`t help driving AC apart now that he knows the girl Kwon`s dating is Ga-In U_U
    he`s been holding hatred towards Ga-In`s auntie only b/c she left him for ‘moneh’ like wat she said bt he also knew Ga-In since before rite~ at least they were in a good r/s~~

    hehehehe and why AC WGM scenes kept flashing in mah head while reading the chap kkkkkk miss `em too much alrd :*) gomawo~~ and plz ‘make it up for us’ soon as well~ we`ll be waiting for juh 😛

    • peperopocky said,

      About Changmin not holding grudge to GaIn… we’ll see… XD

      And yeah AC in HK was my inspiration for this chapter. 😛

  3. Tylose said,

    Yeah, welcome back, Ash. Really miss reading your FFs. Hope you can update frequently. You know I almost give up on waiting for your update . 😉

    • peperopocky said,

      That’s what I was afraid of: my readers give up on me and my writing. Wishing these updates somehow keep the hopes up! 🙂

  4. adamj said,

    yeay!!!thanks for new update..miss AC so much.

  5. aprilmna (@aprilamna) said,

    i smell trouble the moment Kwon’s mom (i suppose since Chang min called her noona and CM is Kwon’s uncle) ask for some info about Ga In?

    she’s Narsha’s niece who left CM for money, so she might be mistaken to do that too. oh boy, the plot thickens!

  6. songainfan said,

    Thank you for beeing back 😀
    The Update was really good
    we’re anticipate the next chapter

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