Bully – Chapter 1

February 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm (Bully)

“Let’s watch this movie.  Some friends said it’s a great movie.” GaIn invited Kwon.


“Fine, you reject me again.  Haha, I knew it.” She teased.

“I’m just not interested in those kinds of movies.” Kwon reasoned out.  He was doing some research for his term paper.

“So you’re also not interested to eat?” GaIn grinned.

“Here you go again.  Let’s just go to our next class, okay?” Kwon said and packed his bag.

GaIn followed him out of the library “Come on, I know you just don’t like to be with me.” She once again teased, grinning.

Kwon just looked at her and softly smiled.  Without a word he continued to walk.  GaIn’s smile slowly disappeared as she looked at Kwon’s back “When will you ever agree to my invitations?” she thought.


“You still have one class right?” Suzy asked as they were heading out of the classroom.

“Ah yes, but that class is really boring without you, guys” GaIn pouted.  She noticed that unlike before, they were all heading to the same direction.  “You guys aren’t going home yet?” she asked.

“Ah no, Sun and I plan to watch a movie later.” Suzy answered as she fetched for her car keys.

“Really? Woah! I also want to watch that movie! Can’t you guys wait until I finish my last class so I can join you?”

“Sorry, GaIn-ah.  But that is my only vacant time.  I need to go back to my work afterwards.” Sun answered.

“Oh, is that so? Oh my, I wanted to skip class to join you guys.  But I already have a lot of absences.”

“We can go next time our schedules match” Suzy beamed at GaIn.

GaIn noticed that Kwon was also walking towards their direction, “You’re going with them?” she asked.

“Yes, but I have other plans.  I’ll just ride with Suzy to the venue.”  Kwon said.

“I see.” They reached the room of her next class.  “Well, take care then. And enjoy!” GaIn beamed. But it was very contrary to what she feels inside.


Wanting to quickly get an update on how Suzy and Sun’s movie day went, she quickly went online.

“Watched movie with Kwon and Sun.  You guys should check it! Love love love!”

Was what Suzy’s me2day update was.  Trying to ignore that pang of pain she thought, “GaIn, maybe Kwon just decided spontaneously to watch with them since he was in the same area.” Trying to remind herself that there is nothing wrong with Kwon watching movies with Sun and Suzy.  That she doesn’t have any right to feel bad.

While she continued browsing, she saw Kwon went online.  Trying to take the situation lightly, she sent him a message:

“So you watched the movie with Suzy and Sun?”

“Yeah, I just got bored while waiting for the person I need to meet so I went watching with them”

“If you say so…”

“Believe whatever you want, anything I say will just sound as an excuse to you.”

GaIn cannot understand how the light conversation she wanted to start went awry.  Fuming, she quickly went offline.  She can’t understand why it now looks like she was the one who wronged Kwon.  She finally let herself freely feel upset with Kwon. “Am I really your friend?”

GaIn fished for her phone and looked at the wallpaper.  It was a shot she secretly took of Kwon’s evaluation of her when they had peer assessment for their job training.

“One stressful colleague”



Please tell me your thoughts on GaIn and Kwon’s character.

Maybe a lot of you are asking why the situation is like this between the two. Well, that will be given in the next updates.

So is GaIn overbearing? or Kwon is an idiot?





  1. adamj said,

    OMG!!i’m very excited!thanks for update,chingu..:)

  2. ㄹㅇㅂㅈ♡ said,

    awww this story is cute~~~♥ heheheh
    but why is Kwon so cold to Ga-In? when I think he is really being award of her fondness towards him :*) hmmm did they experience some unpleasant encounters before? U_U
    anw~ kk thanks for the update Ash~~ can`t wait to read more of this new fic~~ ^^

  3. frappelotz said,

    Cute story ~ Can’t wait for update >__< pfft

  4. athenarei said,

    My take on this – Kwon has romantic feelings to Gain, and it upsets and frustrates him that she’s a FRIEND, and that somewhat makes her ‘off-limits’ .. and the more she acts nice and friendly towards him, the harder it’s for him to stay FRIENDS, hence, the cold treatment / avoidance .. It’s like his defense mechanism .. there, my opinion 🙂 Nice job, Ash!

  5. songainfan said,

    Kwon should be nice to Gain or else I kick his a…
    I am really curious why is he like that?
    Please Update very soon. 😀

  6. songainfan said,

    please update

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