Always a Woman – Chapter 11

February 14, 2013 at 8:41 pm (Always a Woman)

“Narshaaaaa…” GaIn followed her aunt wherever she goes.

“I already told you I don’t wanna…” Narsha dismissed GaIn.  She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Then just give me the recipe.  You don’t have to teach me yourself.” GaIn continued to bug.

“Just buy one from the store.” and Narsha bent down to get some beer.

“But I want it to be special.  I want to see Kwon’s touched and happy reaction, just like how Chef Chang does whenever you make it for him. Please… HyoJin-ah—”

Narsha slammed the fridge door. “Ask him to teach you then!” She quickly looked away and gulped some beer but GaIn did not fail to see the tear that fell from her aunt’s eye.

“Auntie… I’m so—”

Narsha quickly raised her hand with the beer.  “Forget it.  I need a breather” and she finished her beer, grabbed her coat and went out of the house.

GaIn felt guilty afterwards.  She knew she pushed too much, even calling her aunt by that name.  “Mianhe..” She thought

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Always a Woman – Chapter 10

December 23, 2011 at 12:32 am (Always a Woman)

“Tilt it more to the right”

“Like this?”

“I said right. Do you really know where your right is, mister?”

Kwon just gave GaIn a deadly glare.  They were setting up the cabin for Christmas.  He was standing on the makeshift ladder fixing the star on the tree.

“Then clarify whose right you mean.  I’m facing you so we have different rights okay?” he answered back like a child.

GaIn can’t help but grin at his child-like behavior.  Honestly, though she missed his stern and grumpy look, she likes this carefree side of him more.  “Never mind, just leave it like that.”

“Why do we need to set up a tree? We don’t have gifts to put under it anyway.” He asked while going down.

“You’re such a killjoy! Don’t tell me you have no plans of giving me Christmas presents?!” GaIn said surprised.

“I didn’t even know you plan to put up decorations.  In case you forgot, it’s already the 24th!”

“You really don’t have anything for me?! I cooked food, I decorated the house! I even prepared something for you!” GaIn whined.

Kwon opened his mouth and was about to answer when they heard an engine outside the cabin.  He sighed. “There goes your gift.  It arrived earlier than expected.” And he tilted his head towards the door.

Excited, GaIn hurriedly opened the door.  Upon seeing what it was, she quickly ran towards Kwon, gave him a peck and smiled. “Thank you!”

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Always a Woman – Chapter 9

November 1, 2011 at 1:14 am (Always a Woman)

“JiEun-ah… do you think they’ll be alright?” KyuHyun asked as he fixed his snowboard.

“I think so.. In-ah is a very capable woman.  She can tame the lion down.” She giggled afterwards as she remembered how Kwon looked helplessly after taking that innocent-looking-but-filled-with-sleeping-pills coffee.

“You’re mistaken. GaIn’s the lion not Kwon.” He corrected.  They were enjoying themselves with the ticket Kwon supposedly intended for GaIn and JiEun.

“Aren’t you worried that they’re together?”

“Huh? Why would I? Like what you’ve said, GaIn is a very capable woman.”

“Oh, come on now.  We’ve been friends for ages.  Why are you trying to hide it from me?”

“Hide what?”

“That you like In-ah”

“Now where did that come from?”

“Kyu, even without my eyeglasses, I can clearly see how you like her.”

KyuHyun dropped his head, as if busying himself with his board. He sighed, “Well I guess you need to lend GaIn your glasses.  Maybe then she’ll notice.”

“Well I guess so.” JiEun looked down, removed her gloves to have a better grip on her snowboard lock.  Her fingers were already red but she still can’t fix it.

“Look at you.  Still that same JiEun who can’t fix her own board.” And KyuHyun suddenly slid in front of her, kneeled and fixed her lock.  “there, all done.” He pulled her up, patted her head and he went on to snowboard by himself.

JiEun looked at him from afar with a sigh. “Yeah, still the same me who likes you.  You’re the one who needs my glasses” she whispered.

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August 7, 2011 at 12:50 am (Always a Woman)


when you crack the password, be sure to thank the Royal couple, Khuntoria and the always Flushing couple, Goguma.

I’ve already given the hint.  PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT. It’s the best HAND you could have🙂

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Protected: Always a Woman – PW edition

August 7, 2011 at 12:44 am (Always a Woman)

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Always a Woman – Chapter 8

August 1, 2011 at 2:01 am (Always a Woman)

“Wow! You could really cook!” Kwon said as he peeked from GaIn’s back.  She’s cooking samgyetang.

“I learned a lot from chef Chang.  Seriously, his dishes are daebak!  He could be rich just with his one dish.” GaIn said as she took some sample of samgyetang and blew it cold.  Then she turned to face Kwon. “Check if it tastes okay.” She offered the spoon while her other hand was under, ready to catch some spills.

Kwon was taken aback by the gesture but still tasted it. “Yup! It’s not just okay.  It’s delicious!”

“I know.” She said chicly and winked.  Then she went back to cooking.

Kwon just laughed at her cheekiness. “So what else did that chef taught you?”

She was about to answer when they heard a ring tone.  Recognizing the sound, Kwon looked sharply at GaIn.  “I thought you left our phones in your house?”

“What phone? I don’t hear anything.” GaIn tried to deny but Kwon stretched out his hand.  He looked at her irritated.  “Fine!” and Gain took his phone from her pocket.  Then she forcefully placed it on his palm. “Chet…”

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Always a Woman – Chapter 7

July 10, 2011 at 1:55 am (Always a Woman)

“So who owns that log cabin?”

Kwon and GaIn are currently in a low-cost clothes shop. GaIn was busy digging through the pile of clothes labeled sale. Kwon’s car just got delivered and the first thing they did was to go down the market.

GaIn took a shirt and spread it out on Kwon’s chest. Her brows wriggling as she looked at the fit on him. “It was my aunt’s. It was a gift from her ex, chef Chang oppa. I really don’t know why she let go of him.  He’s rich and is a very caring man. He even cooks food for her whenever she’s sick.”

“Why are you living with her anyway? Don’t you have parents?” He asked curiously.

“Ahjumma! Can we have another discount since we bought a lot of stuff?” She called on the lady on the counter. Then she faced Kwon. “Size?”

Kwon just eyed him confusedly. Rolling her eyes she clarified “Brief size? Boxer size?” Her eyes got large with every question, as if she was a teacher so disappointed with her student who did not understand the lesson.

“Mwo?!” Kwon suddenly felt his cheeks burn.

Confirming he would not give it right away, she sighed. Then she looked at him straight in the eyes before her eyes went down lower his stomach. Unconsciously, she bit her lip as she gazed. Kwon, feeling embarrassed, placed his hands on his front. GaIn snapped out of it and turned towards the saleswoman.

“ahjumma, I’m sure I need a Large size.” GaIn said, leaning closer to the woman. She hid her mouth with her hand but it was useless as her voice can’t pass as a whisper. The ahjumma looked at Kwon, then lower, then back to GaIn and nodded in agreement.

The old woman went away to get a bag for their orders and returned. “You are so lucky, child. Ah, I remember my late nampyeon.” And the ahjumma held her burning cheeks. Getting out of her dream, the ahjumma continued packing the clothes. “I’ll give you another discount since you’ll need money for your future cute children!”

“Ah, but we’re—“ Kwon protested but GaIn stopped him.

“Thank you very much! I hope you have more customers today!” GaIn said as she dragged Kwon out of the shop after paying.

Upon exiting the shop Kwon immediately fumed, “Yah! Why did you let the ahjumma think we’re a couple?”

GaIn returned his wallet to him. “Aren’t you glad we saved money? Just to remind you, it was your money…”

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Always a Woman – Chapter 6

June 22, 2011 at 1:20 am (Always a Woman)

“Wait there…” Kwon said and he left GaIn for a while.  He went to the bathroom to find the medicine box but sadly there was no medicine for fever.  All were antiseptics and bandages.

“Damn, not even paracetamol?!” giving up, he took a basin and fresh hand towel.  He half-filled the basin before going back to her.

He almost dropped the towel when he saw her all curled up and shaking.  Thinking fast, he went to his room to get additional blankets.  He has to stop her from shaking first.  Pushing the sofa towards the fire, he looked for wood but there was only some left.  He remembered it was the last of the wood available.

Slapping his forehead, his eyes roamed around to look for solution.  He threw the left wood in the fire then looked at GaIn.  She was still trembling.

‘Looks like I have no choice…’ he thought as he removed his shirt.  Trying to keep in mind his pure intentions, he removed GaIn’s shirt as well.  Then he picked her up together with the blankets in front of the fire.  Then, he sat down while encasing GaIn with his body.  Hugging her and making full use of his body heat.  To add more heat, he covered them with the blankets.

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Always a Woman – Chapter 5

June 13, 2011 at 12:32 am (Always a Woman)

“WHAT?!” Kwon’s voice echoed around the room.  He then looked around for the exit and walked towards it.

Guessing his plan to leave the house GaIn raised his hand and waved her index finger. “Nah ah ah. You can’t leave this place unless you’re willing to go downtown… by foot.” She emphasized her last words.

Kwon harshly faced her with eyes questioning.  GaIn continued, “You see, I did not know your 4 wheel drive was not that reliable.  It’s currently under repair downtown.  Sigh, I should have used my top down instead.”

“How did we get here?”

“Oh, thinking of another way to escape, aren’t we?  Sorry to disappoint but some good Samaritan just helped us and dropped us off.  Don’t worry, your car will be delivered here in two days.” And as if to tease him more, GaIn opened the player and danced once again while giving him a funny face.

“This is insane! Do you know what you’ve done?! I’ve got important meetings this weekend.” He said as he turned off the music.

GaIn was about to answer when she saw it was snowing outside.  “Omo, it’s the first fall of snow!  Ppalli! Let’s go!” She pulled him by the wrist towards the door but he just angrily shrugged it off.

“Play by yourself.” And he drove her out of the house, closing the door with a bam.  Not fully satisfied, he locked the door.

GaIn after recovering from shock, banged the door “Yah! Open this door!”

However it was Kwon’s payback time as he turned on the music to its loudest volume.  Then he went to the door where through the glass he can clearly see GaIn still banging the door.  To tease her more, he shook his head.  His eyes wide eye as he pretended not to hear her.

“What? The music’s too loud, I can’t hear you!” he mouthed.  He added pointing his ears to the act.  Then he closed the door and window curtains, completely ignoring the mischievous woman outside.

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Always a Woman – Chapter 4

June 5, 2011 at 1:57 am (Always a Woman)

“Are you sure you want to battle me?” Kwon said as he dribbled the ball.  People started to crowd the gym.

GaIn looked around then looked backed at Kwon.  She looked so confident Kwon wanted to erase that smirk off her face.

“Since I am the challenger, you can make the rules.” She smiled, urging him.

“Are you sure? I won’t give you any consideration.”

GaIn shrugged her shoulders. “Fine with me.”  Her arms akimbo.

“Well, I’ll give you three chances to shoot every time I make a score. We’ll race up to three.  One goal, one score.” He said.

“Are you sure?”


“I just have to shoot the ball three times and I win?” she confirmed.

“Yes, again.” He started to get irritated.

GaIn laughed. “You’ll so regret giving me that handicap.  The rules final, okay?”

“Yup, no more change of rules.”


GaIn offered her hand, which Kwon shook. “Game.”

And so the crowd cheered.  Kwon went to the free throw line very much confident he’ll win this war and make her stay out of his life.

As expected of the team captain.  He nailed the first score.  Smirking he threw the ball powerfully towards GaIn whom easily received it.

“Oh looks like it’s my turn.  No change of rules, right?” she confirmed, and when Kwon nodded, she held the ball with her elbow and waist then clapped.

Like slaves called upon their master, Kwon’s teammates formed a certain position.  GaIn used the back of the men kneeling down as ladder while another man held her hand guiding her towards the waiting members.

Then GaIn stepped on the hands of the men, cheerleader style and they lifted her higher.  They lifted her until the ring was just her easy reach.

Realizing what she was planning to do, Kwon’s eye widened.  And to his horror, GaIn shot the ball easily.  “Two more…” She smiled too sweetly at him.

Then another man from the crowd tossed the ball up to her which she again easily shoot in the ring like she was just throwing crumpled paper in the waste bin.

“Only one left, aren’t you excited to be mine, KWO-NNIE-AH?” She emphasized his name and pronounced it too sweetly to the point of mockery.  And to the cheering of the crowd watching them, GaIn shot the last ball.

After going down the tower of men, she slowly went towards Kwon.  She walked with her legs crossing and her hand swaying in every step.

“That’s not in the rules of basketball!” he complained.

“Omo, you made the rules, aren’t you?  You just told me to score three.  You did not specify how, Kwonnie-ah…” then she encircled her arms around his neck. “This weekend, my place.  I’ll be waiting.” And she stole a chaste kiss from him before leaving the gym.

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