Bully – Chapter 1

February 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm (Bully)

“Let’s watch this movie.  Some friends said it’s a great movie.” GaIn invited Kwon.


“Fine, you reject me again.  Haha, I knew it.” She teased.

“I’m just not interested in those kinds of movies.” Kwon reasoned out.  He was doing some research for his term paper.

“So you’re also not interested to eat?” GaIn grinned.

“Here you go again.  Let’s just go to our next class, okay?” Kwon said and packed his bag.

GaIn followed him out of the library “Come on, I know you just don’t like to be with me.” She once again teased, grinning.

Kwon just looked at her and softly smiled.  Without a word he continued to walk.  GaIn’s smile slowly disappeared as she looked at Kwon’s back “When will you ever agree to my invitations?” she thought.

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Bully – Preview

February 14, 2013 at 11:02 pm (Bully)

“You are invited to attend Batch 2009’s class reunion. 

Meet old friends.

Rekindle old flames.

Relieve the college days.

Come, it will be fun!”



Old friends.

Old flames.

Relieve college days.

GaIn read the invitation again but those words stood out the most.  “Why should I go there?” she asked herself.

“I don’t like you and your personality” Images of a certain arrogant man flashed in her mind.

Irritated, she tried to shred the invitation to pieces but then stopped. “Calm down GaIn. You’re a lot better than you were in college. Calm down.” And tried to do the breathing she learned from Yoga.


Kwon threw the invitation on the coffee table.  “Reunion, huh?” he said as if the invitation will respond.

Come, it will be fun!

“The problem with you is you don’t know how to have fun!” a certain woman flashed in her mind.

“I know how to have fun, okay? It’s just that you use a different dictionary to define the word ‘fun’” and he grimaced at the idea of meeting that irritating woman again.




This is the story I wanted to post ages ago.  I don’t wanna start another fic before because I know I won’t have the time to update.  But now that I’m a bum   my schedule is more flexible, I now have all the time to update.

This story is inspired from a real-life story.  Some scenarios and events/names will be altered to hide the identity of the people involved.  😛 (why so serious?) but yeah, posting the story has their approval, okay? 😛


Hope you guys will love this as much as you’ve loved my other fics.




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