Always a Woman – Chapter 10

December 23, 2011 at 12:32 am (Always a Woman)

“Tilt it more to the right”

“Like this?”

“I said right. Do you really know where your right is, mister?”

Kwon just gave GaIn a deadly glare.  They were setting up the cabin for Christmas.  He was standing on the makeshift ladder fixing the star on the tree.

“Then clarify whose right you mean.  I’m facing you so we have different rights okay?” he answered back like a child.

GaIn can’t help but grin at his child-like behavior.  Honestly, though she missed his stern and grumpy look, she likes this carefree side of him more.  “Never mind, just leave it like that.”

“Why do we need to set up a tree? We don’t have gifts to put under it anyway.” He asked while going down.

“You’re such a killjoy! Don’t tell me you have no plans of giving me Christmas presents?!” GaIn said surprised.

“I didn’t even know you plan to put up decorations.  In case you forgot, it’s already the 24th!”

“You really don’t have anything for me?! I cooked food, I decorated the house! I even prepared something for you!” GaIn whined.

Kwon opened his mouth and was about to answer when they heard an engine outside the cabin.  He sighed. “There goes your gift.  It arrived earlier than expected.” And he tilted his head towards the door.

Excited, GaIn hurriedly opened the door.  Upon seeing what it was, she quickly ran towards Kwon, gave him a peck and smiled. “Thank you!”

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Time Zone

November 8, 2011 at 12:14 am (Uncategorized)

“to all the guests who came for my 100th concert, thank you very much.  I know that my friends and teachers also came for this special day.  They are sitting, watching now, those who I’ll always love and be thankful to.  But there is one friend who’s unable to come.  The path that he is taking now might be the brightest but also the loneliest. To that friend, I dedicate my song.”

All the audience applauded HyeMi as the music started.  Her friends were there.  Her frienemy Baek Hee, the love birds Jason and PilSook and her confidante, Jin Gook.  As the music started, only one person is on her heart and mind.  Though she badly wishes for him to come, she knows it’s impossible.  He has an awards night to attend to.

“So I lay my head back down.  And I lift my hands and pray.” ‘I hope you get that award.’ “To be only yours, I pray.”  In between her song was a silent prayer for SamDong.

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Pause, Stop, Restart – Chapter 4

November 7, 2011 at 5:25 pm (Pause, Restart, Stop)




“Yes, hyung… It was like seeing a ghost.” JinWoon said.  But SeulOng quickly smacked his head.

“Pabo… why will she be a ghost? We didn’t even hear of her death.  Pabo.”

“But, where’s Kwon?” It was ChangMin.  He was keeping up with the recent events.  Apparently he just got out of his room with his wife.

“Aish, hyung.  Why so many questions? You shouldn’t have overslept and now keep pestering us for details.” JinWoon complained.

“I didn’t even sleep, okay?!” ChangMin said on defense.

SeulOng and JinWoon momentarily got quiet.  They looked at both ChangMin and Narsha then they looked at each other and gave off a knowing grin.

ChangMin’s ears turned red. “Yah! Stop that dirty thoughts and just answer my question!”

“There goes your answer” Miryo said.  They saw Kwon slowly walking towards their direction.  He was like a zombie, walking while his face was blank.

“So was it really her?” JinWoon asked.

Kwon just sat and began eating.


“Mwo? Ah… she… she’s not her.  Haha… we got the wrong person.” He said then started eating again. “Wow! This one’s delicious.  You guys should try it.” He said.

Everyone just quietly ate as they know Kwon was just diverting the topic away from him.

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Poll is on!

November 5, 2011 at 12:13 am (Uncategorized)

you can suggest your own pairing… those on the choices were just spur of the moment thing… hehe… feel free to vote!



I’m sorry there will be no updates for tonight.  I know I promised an update but as you may have read in my tweets, I’m really sick tonight.  I just posted this poll so that you guys won’t think I break all my promises.  I hope you understand.  See you tomorrow~





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Pause, Start, Restart – Chapter 3

November 4, 2011 at 2:28 am (Pause, Restart, Stop)




A man they did not notice coming suddenly slid his arm to her waist.  GaIn just gazed at the newcomer, panic in her eyes.

“The room’s ready.” He continued and led GaIn away.

Kwon just silently stared while GaIn walked away.  He couldn’t decide what to feel with the man she walked with.  He wants to pry the man’s arm off GaIn’s waist.  He had this urge to suddenly hit the man despite his height.  He was a tall man with a spiky hair.  Kwon did not clearly see the man’s face but based on the way he moves, he is one with class and self-confidence.

His feet were already covered with sand driven by the waves but he was just staring where GaIn disappeared.  He did not notice SeulOng approach them.

“Was it GaIn that I just saw?”  SeulOng started.  He met GaIn when they were going to the hotel while he was on his way out.

Since Kwon was still blankly staring, JinWoon answered for him.  He slowly nodded, “I think so… that man also called her GaIn.”

SeulOng, out of nothing to say, just nodded as well.  But then Miryo spoke.

“But don’t you think it’s strange?”

The two towers looked at her.  She continued, “I mean, if it was me and knowing how Kwon acted like an ASS the last time we saw each other, I think Kwon would be KNOCKED OUT with my punch by now.”

“Huh?” JinWoon asked, confused.

“I mean why would he ask Kwon ‘who are you’?  It’s my first time to see her so I don’t know if that’s how she reacts when she’s mad.”  Miryo’s words caught Kwon’s attention.  Slowly he looked at her.

“She said that?” SeulOng asked.  The three nodded. “Then what did you do?  You just let her go away like that?  You don’t always get second chance.” It was directed to Kwon.

Without a word, Kwon suddenly ran towards GaIn’s direction.  SeulOng smiled then shouted “Room 342!”

“Pabo!” Miryo suddenly hit SeulOng’s head.


“Why did you give him their room number? And how did you get it in the first place?”

“Well I heard them talking okay?! And why shouldn’t I tell him?”

“What if Kwon comes in a wrong timing? Aish, you’ll really never get it… pabo…”

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Pause, Start, Restart- Chapter 2

November 3, 2011 at 12:10 am (Pause, Restart, Stop)



“Does this look like a room locked by someone sober?” ChangMin pointed at the room’s lock.  The card key was still stuck in between like someone attempted to swipe it but stopped in the middle.

JinWoon just laughed at how ‘ignorant’ the door looks.  “And the door was wide opened!” he said in between laughs.

ChangMin shook his head, scratched it before sighing.  Then, he took the card key and went inside the room.  JinWoon followed.  There on the bed was clothing from last night’s wedding.  The coat was hanging by the foot board.  The shoes were separated, one beside the luggage while the other was by the bathroom door.

Kwon was there sleeping, stomach flat on the bed.  The bed sheet was on the floor.  Everything seemed to be unfinished because of his drunken state.  His boxers was fully exposed but he was only successful to pull down his pants up to his legs.  His tie was still on his neck.  His broad shoulders were partly covered by his shirt that was pooled on his left arm hanging beside the bed.  On his left hand was a bottle of hard liquor.

“He could be raped and he won’t notice it.” JinWoon grinned and moved forward.  There was a cracking sound as JinWoon accidentally stepped on something.

Both stepped back and looked down to see what it was. ChangMin then looked up to JinWoon.  “You think a cufflink can support your weight?  That was a Dolce.” He hissed, his eyebrow twitching.

JinWoon picked up the broken cufflink and tried to stick the separated ‘D’ and ‘G’ together.  ChangMin sighed and took the cufflink and went by the window.  Opened the curtains and slide the door.  Without a word he threw out the cufflink.  He faced a stunned JinWoon. “Kwon lost it when he was drunk.”

“Awww shiiit!”

Both jerked as Kwon suddenly talked.  The sunlight woke him up.  “Hyung… you’re worse than my mom when it comes to waking people up.”  And he sunk his head under the pillows.

“Good morning princess!” JinWoon and ChangMin greeted, teasing him further.

Kwon suddenly sat up ignoring the pain on his head. “I’m trying to get back a very wonderful dream, okay? “

“About?” the two chimed.

That got him stunned for a while.  Recovering, he threw them a pillow “Scram!” he angrily said.  The two laughingly went out the room.

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Is It Still You? – Last Chapter

November 2, 2011 at 12:56 am (Is it still you?)

“Hyung…” Kwon started as he laid down two bouquets in front of the graves.

“I know I have been a bad brother to you.  A selfish dongsaeng who asked for everything from you.”  He sat down.  “It’s been years but until now, I still miss you.  I’ve been trying to figure out what you meant back when you were alive.  But now I understand.”

“Kwon-ah, isn’t it funny that although we’re twins, we wanted each others lives instead?” Ok Yub said, looking over the window.

“Hah, what are you talking about? As far as I know you’re the reason why I have tons of women claiming to be my girlfriend without my knowledge.  If you only knew how many women come up to me just to slap me.” And he grinned at the thought.

“And I’m glad you part ways with them more gracefully than I can.” Then Ok Yub held Kwon’s hand that was on the handle of his wheelchair. “I know one day someone will come to you again and claim you as her boyfriend.  But I hope you’ll learn to love her back.  She’s a really nice woman and I think she fell in love not with me but with you.”

“Don’t tell me you went on flirting with other girls again in that condition!” he tried to joke the seriousness in his brother’s voice.

Ok Yub tapped his hand “Who knows she might be your first real girlfriend.”

“Hyung, you know why I don’t—“

“Yeah, and let’s not get to that topic, shall we?  But I gotta applaud you, someone fell for you the first time you met.  Like that someone I’m talking about.”

“Oh come on now, hyung.  You’re talking riddles again. Why don’t we go back to your room so you can rest?”

“Whatever you say, Kwon-ah.  But just… take care of her.”

“I promise to really take care of her for the rest of my life.”

Kwon then looked at the grave beside Ok Yub’s.  “How have you been doing?  Take care of hyung for me, will you?”  Then a tear fell down as he patted the grave like it was the person buried there.  “I miss you.  You’ve been a very special part of me.  I showed you a wrong selfish kind of love.  I know I’ve been such a selfish person to you but still, you’ve been a true friend until the end.”  His tears were now freely flowing.  “And I haven’t personally thanked you for that.” He was sobbing hardly when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

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Always a Woman – Chapter 9

November 1, 2011 at 1:14 am (Always a Woman)

“JiEun-ah… do you think they’ll be alright?” KyuHyun asked as he fixed his snowboard.

“I think so.. In-ah is a very capable woman.  She can tame the lion down.” She giggled afterwards as she remembered how Kwon looked helplessly after taking that innocent-looking-but-filled-with-sleeping-pills coffee.

“You’re mistaken. GaIn’s the lion not Kwon.” He corrected.  They were enjoying themselves with the ticket Kwon supposedly intended for GaIn and JiEun.

“Aren’t you worried that they’re together?”

“Huh? Why would I? Like what you’ve said, GaIn is a very capable woman.”

“Oh, come on now.  We’ve been friends for ages.  Why are you trying to hide it from me?”

“Hide what?”

“That you like In-ah”

“Now where did that come from?”

“Kyu, even without my eyeglasses, I can clearly see how you like her.”

KyuHyun dropped his head, as if busying himself with his board. He sighed, “Well I guess you need to lend GaIn your glasses.  Maybe then she’ll notice.”

“Well I guess so.” JiEun looked down, removed her gloves to have a better grip on her snowboard lock.  Her fingers were already red but she still can’t fix it.

“Look at you.  Still that same JiEun who can’t fix her own board.” And KyuHyun suddenly slid in front of her, kneeled and fixed her lock.  “there, all done.” He pulled her up, patted her head and he went on to snowboard by himself.

JiEun looked at him from afar with a sigh. “Yeah, still the same me who likes you.  You’re the one who needs my glasses” she whispered.

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Pause, Start, Restart – Chapter 1

October 3, 2011 at 12:01 am (Restart)

Everyone turned around and looked at the bride as she walked down the aisle.  Her face radiating with happiness smiles at the man of her dreams.

Kwon can’t help but be amazed of the wonders a wedding gown can do to a woman.  Perhaps the wedding itself.  He remembered how he used to tease her ‘lesbo’ back then.  Miryo used to act more masculine than him.  Looking at her now, everyone would smack him on the head if he dare call her that again.  She looked like a goddess, moving gracefully like a Miss Universe pageant candidate.

Miryo looked at him and winked, then walked towards the man she’ll spend the rest of her life with.  Kwon can’t help but grin at how nervous his best bud looks.  SeulOng can’t help but tap the side of his thighs with his fingers.  He silently laughed as how his tower of a friend seemed to cower because of nervousness.

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Is It Still You – Finale?

September 15, 2011 at 12:59 am (Is it still you?)


“Do you know that this was all Kwon-oppa’s fault?” She started. Her eyes were still swollen from crying.

Sensing that she shouldn’t be there, SoonDuk tactfully went out of the house.

“How you were so lucky they both loved you first?” GaIn gave her an answer she did not expect.

“Y-you… you knew? W-when? How?” It seems that the only thing left for SeungAh to do was useless.  How can she hurt her too when she knew all along?  The good inside her was starting to overpower the hatred that was not easy to give up inside her.

GaIn calmly smiled, very far from what she was feeling inside.  Trying to ignore the dizziness she was already feeling she answered. “Remember the framed photo you gave me at Kwon’s playhouse?”  SeungAh slowly nodded.  “I dropped it.  My hands were trembling, it crashed on the floor.  As I was cleaning it up I saw something at the back of the picture.  I’m not sure if you saw it before.  But looking at your reaction now, I think you haven’t.” Then GaIn went to the drawer and pulled the photo and handed it to SeungAh.

Quickly SeungAh turned it around to look at the back.  There, written faintly, was OkYub’s writing.  It was directly behind their spot where she kissed him.

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