Switched! – unseen chapter password

April 3, 2013 at 9:53 pm (Switched!)

Password: A+B

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Protected: Switched! – unseen chapter

April 3, 2013 at 8:49 pm (Switched!)

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Bully – Chapter 1

February 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm (Bully)

“Let’s watch this movie.  Some friends said it’s a great movie.” GaIn invited Kwon.


“Fine, you reject me again.  Haha, I knew it.” She teased.

“I’m just not interested in those kinds of movies.” Kwon reasoned out.  He was doing some research for his term paper.

“So you’re also not interested to eat?” GaIn grinned.

“Here you go again.  Let’s just go to our next class, okay?” Kwon said and packed his bag.

GaIn followed him out of the library “Come on, I know you just don’t like to be with me.” She once again teased, grinning.

Kwon just looked at her and softly smiled.  Without a word he continued to walk.  GaIn’s smile slowly disappeared as she looked at Kwon’s back “When will you ever agree to my invitations?” she thought.

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Bully – Preview

February 14, 2013 at 11:02 pm (Bully)

“You are invited to attend Batch 2009’s class reunion. 

Meet old friends.

Rekindle old flames.

Relieve the college days.

Come, it will be fun!”



Old friends.

Old flames.

Relieve college days.

GaIn read the invitation again but those words stood out the most.  “Why should I go there?” she asked herself.

“I don’t like you and your personality” Images of a certain arrogant man flashed in her mind.

Irritated, she tried to shred the invitation to pieces but then stopped. “Calm down GaIn. You’re a lot better than you were in college. Calm down.” And tried to do the breathing she learned from Yoga.


Kwon threw the invitation on the coffee table.  “Reunion, huh?” he said as if the invitation will respond.

Come, it will be fun!

“The problem with you is you don’t know how to have fun!” a certain woman flashed in her mind.

“I know how to have fun, okay? It’s just that you use a different dictionary to define the word ‘fun’” and he grimaced at the idea of meeting that irritating woman again.




This is the story I wanted to post ages ago.  I don’t wanna start another fic before because I know I won’t have the time to update.  But now that I’m a bum   my schedule is more flexible, I now have all the time to update.

This story is inspired from a real-life story.  Some scenarios and events/names will be altered to hide the identity of the people involved.  😛 (why so serious?) but yeah, posting the story has their approval, okay? 😛


Hope you guys will love this as much as you’ve loved my other fics.




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Always a Woman – Chapter 11

February 14, 2013 at 8:41 pm (Always a Woman)

“Narshaaaaa…” GaIn followed her aunt wherever she goes.

“I already told you I don’t wanna…” Narsha dismissed GaIn.  She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Then just give me the recipe.  You don’t have to teach me yourself.” GaIn continued to bug.

“Just buy one from the store.” and Narsha bent down to get some beer.

“But I want it to be special.  I want to see Kwon’s touched and happy reaction, just like how Chef Chang does whenever you make it for him. Please… HyoJin-ah—”

Narsha slammed the fridge door. “Ask him to teach you then!” She quickly looked away and gulped some beer but GaIn did not fail to see the tear that fell from her aunt’s eye.

“Auntie… I’m so—”

Narsha quickly raised her hand with the beer.  “Forget it.  I need a breather” and she finished her beer, grabbed her coat and went out of the house.

GaIn felt guilty afterwards.  She knew she pushed too much, even calling her aunt by that name.  “Mianhe..” She thought

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I am still alive

February 7, 2013 at 8:09 pm (Uncategorized)

yes you read it right.  I am still very much alive, though still recovering from personal issues.


anyway enough of that. and the good thing is…

Since I decided to work at home, and I’m a bit of a bum now…

MORE TIME TO UPDATE! (yes, I still have the continuation of my fics in my mind.)


So see you soon, guys!

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Pause, Stop, Restart – Chapter 5

August 15, 2012 at 11:36 pm (Pause, Restart, Stop)



There she was looking fresh in her summer dress.  The sun just made her shine more.  GaIn was looking at their direction as she waved.   Her smile was so infectious Kwon can’t help but be hypnotized.  Like a fool, he slowly raised his hand to wave.  His stupid smile suddenly disappeared when that same man from the beach appeared next.

GaIn looked excited and took the man’s hand and pulled him towards their table.  Then a few feet from them, he heard her say “Hon, that’s Madame Jo.”

“Mrs. Jung” his mom greeted back.  Kwon quickly lowered his head and whispered to his mom “Omma, I thought you’re setting me up?  Are you tired failing with your heiresses and now you’re taking chances with a married woman?”

“Mwo?”  His mom asked looking confused then turned to GaIn.  “Mrs. Jung, it’s been a long while…” his mom shook GaIn’s hand “you must be her handsome husband?” she continued.

The man politely nodded and offered his hand.  “Pleased to meet you, Ma’am”

“Auntie…” their greetings were interrupted by an uncertain voice.

“Oh, Yi Young-ah… please sit down.”  After greeting their newest guest his mom then looked at the couple “I’m sorry our meeting was unexpected.  Would you like to join us for lunch?”

“It’s okay.  We already reserved a table.  Thank you for the offer.” Il Woo said, after giving a bow he then excused themselves and guided GaIn towards their seat which were just a few tables away right where Kwon can clearly see them.


‘This man is really something’ Il Woo thought as he observed the man a few tables away.  There was something with the way he looks at GaIn.  He kept on glancing at their table unknown to GaIn as her back was facing him.  Though Madame Jo failed to introduce him, Il Woo remembers him from the beach.  He was not sure if GaIn did since she was focused on Madame Jo.

However, he admires the man’s manners.  He was still paying attention to the young woman he was talking with though Madame Jo had already left.  Il Woo was quite sure the woman is unaware that her date was looking somewhere else.  Trying not to think too much, he asked GaIn “Where did you meet Madame Jo?”

“Hn? Uhm, she was a client in the flower shop.  She’s the woman I was telling you about.  The one whom I feel so close to.  She usually stops by the shop to buy flowers for his son.” Then GaIn took a glance behind, “He looks fine now, I think.  The last time I saw Madame Jo was maybe a year ago, she was about to visit his son in the hospital.  She said her son got into an accident that’s why she decided to stay in this country for good.”

Il Woo just nodded.  Again he looked back at the man a few tables away from them.  Surprisingly the man also looked at them.  He was surprised to see Il Woo looking at him.  Il Woo gave an acknowledging smile and nod.

GaIn saw that and glanced to where Il Woo was looking at.  Her eyes squinted “Stop that.”

Il Woo quickly looked at her, trying to look confused. “Stop what?”

“I know what you’re thinking, mister…” GaIn said and just shook her head.


“What are you thinking?” Yi Young asked.  They were now walking outside the restaurant towards her car.  The driver saw them arriving and stepped inside the car and started the engine.

“I was thinking how I could make it up to you.” Kwon lied.

“Hm? What for?”

“I wasn’t able to drive you home.  Well you see—“  Kwon tried to reason but was interrupted.

“It’s okay, I know that you can’t drive now and that—“ Yi Young suddenly covered her mouth.  A blush tinted her cheeks.

Kwon grinned.  Though the whole time they were eating he was thinking of GaIn, he can’t help but admit she was fun to be with.  “So what else do you know?” he teased.

“That I like you…”To his shock, Yi Young tiptoed and kissed his cheek.  Then without a word, she hurriedly went inside the car.  He saw her blush terribly while she bites her finger as the car drove away.

Kwon just scratched his head, smiling.  ‘So bright and sunny’ his smile suddenly disappeared as he remembered another person who’s always smiling.  He went on to his next plan.  He thinks God did not give him this third chance to just let her go away.  Quickly he walked towards the restaurant and to their table.  Unfortunately, they already left.  He was unable to get back to her, just like what happened before that fateful wedding day.



Gomen, Mian, I’m sorry for being away for too long… really got busy.

Can you guess what happened before, what’s happening now and what’s going to happen next?

Hope you have a fun time reading my short update.  By the way, Yi Young is E-Young.  I just find her youthful look fit for the story.  Enjoy!



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August 13, 2012 at 11:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Someday, I hope to update my fics again…

BTW… that incident with my other fic wasn’t the reason for my hiatus. I know my own writing.  Just got really busy with school work (I’m finally graduating! hurray! last stretch!)

Someday… this Thursday, perhaps? haha!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Miss you guys!

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Protected: Trouble Maker… Again >_<

January 29, 2012 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

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January 5, 2012 at 2:08 am (Uncategorized)

a dance/song that sounds like the enemy of something that appeared in both Sixth Sense and Trouble Maker, and a style also be used for something byuntae.

there are more V than the C in the password.

ratio of V to C is    2:1

out of the 5 Vs only 1 was not used.

5-1 = 4 ,  there are 4 Vs in this pw

looking at the ratio 2:1, then 4:x

in total, the password has 4+ x = ? letters

do your math right and you will know the answer.

Good luck! Meow!

V : spelled with 5 letters, made up of 5 letters

C: spelled with 9 letters, made up of 21 letters

V is the pair of C, you can have an ______________ if you combine V and C.

Come on guys! Ganbatte! Hwaiting! V and C is very simple! it’s taught in nursery!

another take on this PW:

in Nihongo there is a sound you will produce when you add “ to T or K.

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